PINERO|SERENE “Dead Flowers”
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PINERO|SERENE is an insane alternative duo that will likely become one of your favorite bands.

If you’re into alternative music, this is one of those bands that will draw you in to their unique sound and hypnotizing vocals. That’s what happened with us. We got this song as a submission.

As soon as we heard the first few notes we had that “Oh Wow!” moment. Then we started exploring other tracks by the duo. We have several of their songs on our “Top Picks” playlist on Spotify.

The duo is made up of German/Filipino bass player, Cheryl Pinero and UK vocalist, Neeq Serene. Between the two musicians, they have a number of separate accolades.

Pinero started playing bass when she was 13. She toured Germany and the Netherlands while she was only in her early twenties. She has also had the honor of being the touring bassist for K T Tunstall.

Neeq Serene has a very in-depth story, as well. She wanted to pursue her passion for photography and music. So she moved from Berkshire to London. She also found poetry and the spoken word to be fascinating. So she dedicated time and energy into experimenting with abstract songwriting and production.

When you combine their individual talents and instincts into one entity, what is created is nothing short of music magic. Pinero|Serene is a “musical super duo” that is destined to go into the music history books as one of the greatest duos of all-time.

They just released their debut this past week and it is available for download now.

You can hear this song and others in our new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” (ep 44).

Be sure to connect with Pinero|Serene thru TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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