RAHEEM DeVAUGHN “Love Reunion”
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Raheem DeVaughn is an R&B soul Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter producer and philanthropist.

And this is what sets him apart. (It’s one of the things anyway). He doesn’t just sing…he feels. His voice is like a hot knife through butter. It just oozes with emotion.

You can tell when a singer is phone it in.

Raheem never just sings the lyric. Everything is always done with feeling.

Last year was huge for him. He ended up closing out 2019 with being Mediabase #1 Most Played Indie Male Artist and the #7 Most Played Artist on the UAC format.

Dude is always writing. He says he’s got enough music for the next 10 years. He says:

“If I stopped recording now and said, I wouldn’t record for five years. I’ve got enough music for 10. So I can’t wait because I’m just warming up.”

This new song is a cheating song. But it’s not just about cheating. It’s about the struggles that come with making up.

He says:

“This song was penned for all of us that have actually made the mistakes of stepping out on your partner. Then you realize that your partner’s love is worth fighting for and you’re willing to do anything possible to get it back.”

This is the title track from his seventh studio album.




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