RAISED ON TV”Soul On Fire”
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RAISED ON TV is an alternative band based in LA.

Their first full-length album is called “Season 1”, which was about the journey from childhood to adulthood. They are working on their follow-up called “Season 2”.

They completed the new album at Dave Grohl’s “Studio 606” (which is ‘home base for the Foo Fighters. They designed the studio as a pace to record, hangout and store their gear. Other bands like Alice In Chains and Motorhead have recorded there). So it’s kind of a big deal. The 2nd album focuses on a different stage of life.

It centers around worries and concerns a new adult might face, like financial issues, relationship struggles and losing friends as people grow up and go their separate ways. Some bands will strive for perfection on an album. If a drummer misses a beat or hits it a little off beat, a computer can fix it. If a singer misses a note, a computer can fix it. Some bands will even use computers to create instrument-like sounds.

But Raised On TV maintains their authenticity by using real instruments to sound like instruments instead of using studio trickery. They intentionally want their music to sound like it would in a garage or on stage…Anywhere they would be playing live.

You how sometimes you go to a concert and the band sounds totally different than they do on the album? That’s because of that “studio trickery we were talking about. This band stays away from that. What you hear on the album is what you’ll hear when you see them live.

If a band can’t replicate the studio tracks when they are on stage, they’re probably not authentic. That will never be an issue with Raised On TV.

This new song is about rediscovering one’s self in this digital world. Through the music, they fantasize what it would be like to throw our cell phones out the window and live life in real time and in person. This song was just released at the end of June and it is available for download now.

Hear this song and others in the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” New Music Discovery podcast (episode 46).

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