RAYNES “Lemon Drop”
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RAYNES is a pop-rock trio who is based in LA.

The story of how they formed is a direct reflection of how much things have changed over the last several years.

The group started with Mat Charley and Joe Berger, who are originally from North Dakota. They were looking for a third person to round out the band. They ended up finding Mark Race, originally from the UK, thru Instagram.

Any time a group can bring in people with diverse backgrounds like this, you are almost guaranteed to get a well-rounded, unique overall sound. There are different musical influences and backgrounds colliding together. What seems like a musical hodgepodge that may not make sense “on paper” can actually be a perfect recipe for a truly eclectic band.

Not many groups can combine pianos, synthesizers, drums, string arrangements, acoustic guitars and mandolins and sound this cool! Raynes truly has a very exciting sound. It is bands like this that give tired, old stale music a much-needed jolt of life.

Not only is the end-result of their collaboration exciting and fun, but so is the process of making the music. About this new track, the band says:

“We’ve had a blast figuring out how to make a violin sound like a synth and a snare sound like a hand clap, as well as blending it all together so it walks the line between folk and pop in the most appealing way.” ‘Lemon Drop’ describes chasing fame in Los Angeles and the tension between the sweet and the sour that comes with that…It’s pretty fatalistic, but very tongue in cheek, as none of us are really planning on getting hooked on drugs or the adoration of fans or any of the other pitfalls that our parents and Hollywood itself warned us about.”

This is their debut single. And it is available for download now.

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