RILEY SMITH: Earthquake

RILEY SMITH is a gritty country artist who doesn’t sound like anything or anyone else. Instead of comparing him to other artists, he is one of those artists whose style is so unique, people will try to compare themselves to him!

His style could be described as what might happen if the old outlaw country sound was revived in 2019. His music is full of attitude and authentic emotion. His songwriting style is unique.

Many fans think that songs are written in a linear fashion…A story about a single event, from front to finish. But that’s not always true. In fact, Riley’s songs, especially this latest collection, are about a number of divergent events, thoughts and emotions consolidated into one song.

He keeps notes on his phone. They are his thoughts on life, observations, recollections, feelings and emotions. He says “The stories are really a reflection of my life right now. I’ve been alone and on the road a lot, missing someone so it’s bitter sweet and that comes through in the songs and lyrics”.

That’s what makes his music so interesting. Musically, he already has a very impressive resume. He has supported artists like Jordan Sparks. He has also completed a residency at the legendary Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles and been thru an extensive European tour. Performance-wise, you may recognize his name, his face or his voice.

He has had songs featured in the CW’s “Life Sentence”. He has also had acting roles in the show, along with “True Blood” and a lead role on the hit show “Nashville”. This track was just released at the end of March and it is available for download now.

Be sure to connect with Riley Smith thru his website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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