Samuel Jack “Feels Like Summer”
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SAMUEL JACK is an amazing pop singer/songwriter. His voice is rugged, yet sensitive and soulful. His music is not just about fun pop-beats. His lyrics tell a story.

\He’s had a well-diversified youth. He was born in London. His father was a film director and spent a lot of time on location in other countries. Much of Samuel’s childhood was spent in Johannesburg with his father, which is part of what has helped give him such a well-rounded style of music.

Samuel’s music is like a photograph. It is a reflection of where he is in his life, at that moment. Not before. Not after. Just at that one isolated moment.

Many songwriters have found success in writing songs that reflect the past, analyze the present and talk about the future. And that’s great! There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But Samuel takes a slightly different approach to his songwriting. He doesn’t try to write “hits”.

He works thru his emotions throughout the lyrics of his songs. It’s as though his songwriting is his therapy. He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. That is how he makes himself vulnerable (which is absolutely essential when writing great music). Whatever the subject (love, pain or even politics) comes from his heart. It may hurt. But it’s real.

“Feels Like Summer” centers around the feel-good vibes of summer. It’s inspired by the memories that many people make during the summer months. Whether it is a summer romance or just good friends making special memories, summer can be a magical time.

Many people reflect on summer memories and wish they could go back and relive them over and over. He says:

“There’s definitely a sense of nostalgia about the whole song. I wrote it at a time when I needed those good times to see me through some stuff. Music can totally transcend time and space and take you to all sorts of places when you’re not exactly where you want to be. That’s what this song is for me. It takes me back, it takes me forward, it takes me through”.

This track was just released about a month ago and it is available for download now.

You can hear this song and others in our new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” (ep 44).

Be sure to connect with Samuel thru his website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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