SHARONE “Turn Back Time”
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SHARONE is a rock vocalist from Denver.

If you’ve never heard her sing before, watch out! Her voice will knock you off your feet. Her sound is stunning! Her voice has the passion and the power of vocalists like Amy Lee from Evanescence.

She started playing around Denver as a solo artist in 2014. But she didn’t release her album ‘Storm’ until 2017. You would think that an album release would etch everything in stone and you’d be set for an amazing career.

But things got a little crazy after the release. She went thru a complete lineup change in the band. Starting over like that can be tough. Especially for a musician.

Being in a band is a lot different than other jobs. For most people, if they don’t get along with a coworker they can ignore them or avoid them and still get the company’s work done. But with a band, it is usually helpful when they members get along both personality-wise and creatively.

We’ve all heard what happens when bands start to unravel from the inside out. They eventually fall apart. So a complete overhaul can be a scary thing. But this has turned out to be a change for the better. The band is stronger than ever. This is a band you MUST see live!

They just finished up several dates from over the summer. If you are anywhere near a show from Sharone, you have to go see her in concert! She does an amazing show. In fact, they are having their new album release party on December 7th at Globe Hall in Denver.

About this song she says:

“I’m sure we’ve all had feelings of regret and wishing we could turn back the clock and do it over again. There’s a lot we wish we could have done differently. [This songs] is my version of that. I originally started writing this song for my best friend, wishing I had done what they wanted, and hating myself for not doing so once they were gone…I wish I could turn back time and spend all of the energy I wasted on what was truly important”.

The new album won’t be released until December 7th. But this track is available for download now.

Discover this track 30 other new songs in our “Song Spotlight” podcast – Episode 55.




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