TAE & THE WAVE “2002”
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TAE & THE WAVE is a person, not a guy named Tae that is in a band with other people. (Like Hootie & The Blowfish…There’s no Hootie).

Tae & The Wave is the solo project of LA-based musician Dante Brunetto. He is celebrating 10 years of creating music in the City Of Angels. Throughout the entire time, he has been experimenting with music and sounds and trying new things to constantly expand his wings.

His brilliance has lead him to perform alongside iconic artists like Halsey and Khalid. He has also been creating a lot of buzz around LA playing at legendary venues like The Hotel Cafe.

This track was written as an homage to a simpler time of pop music…A time when lyrics were straight-froward and easy to follow. A time when the melodies were more transparent with less overdubs. A time when pop music wasn’t quite as heavy. Things were more carefree and positive.

This track ain’t going to save the manatees. But not every song should try. The world needs more music like this. Songs that make us reflect in a fun, positive way. Songs that make us feel good and escape the trying times we live in. The purpose of this song is to take a look back at the past and provide a hopeful outlook on tomorrow.

Mission accomplished.

If this track doesn’t make you feel good inside, we’re not sure what will. It was just released a few weeks ago and it is available for download now.

Hear this song and others in the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” New Music Discovery podcast (episode 46).

Be sure to connect with Tae & The Wave thru TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SOUNDCLOUD and SPOTIFY.

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