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TENTH ELECTRIC is a rock band based in London with a LOT to say!

They are still working on an EP. As a full, complete work, the new EP will have a running theme throughout the tracks about mental health and dealing with the stigma around this growing issue.

Tenth Electric creates music with a message at it’s finest. This group is doing their part to change the world for the better. Encouraging empowerment and positivity.

This song is about slowing down and finding the joy in the little things in life. In a world we people are multi-tasking and in a hurry to get to the ‘next thing’, this song reminds us to slow down and enjoy ourselves.

Tenth Electric is getting the message out. And people are getting it:

  • “Such a great song from an amazing band, I absolutely loved it!” – Sarah Kemp
  • “oh yes! This is so cool” – Dego Visionz
  • “Well, that was a bit good 😉 Great job as always guys. Such positive vibes and catchy to boot. Going to be singing this for days to come :)” – Helen Dore

“The more ‘Mental Health Issues’ are ignored the less meaningful life becomes, as isolation of individuals becomes the norm, even in this great digital sea of ‘Friends’. Music can make those Connections; our Mission is to reach out with our latest Music and connect with everyone, whatever they are going through in life, and just be there with and for each other. Brighter is the first song Tenth Electric’s UnShakable EP. Share Message with someone today … It’s about sharing the Good stuff passionately so that we can get through the Bad stuff, whenever and however it strikes…” – Tenth Electric

‘Brighter’ (single) was released on 10/18/18 and is available for download  now.

Be sure to connect with Tenth Electric thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SOUNDLCOUD and SPOTIFY.

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