TGC “Secret Wedding”
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TGC stands for The Green Children.They are electro-pop duo, Marlo and Milla. They are from England and Norway.

Music was always a natural part of their upbringing. On their own, they’re super talented. But when you combine this kind of talent into one duo, you end up with some super amazing music.

They even had a chance to collaborate with acts like Paul Oakenfold. That’s a huge deal. So many electronic dance EDM artists dream of working with guys like Paul Oakenfold. They got a chance to.

They’ve also played the stages of Summerfest,  The Viper Room and the Roxy in LA. They’ve played so many iconic venues and gotten their music in front of so many important people and so many fans around the world.

We featured their music before but this is more of a down tempo track and it really showcases Milla’s has incredible voice. You can hear it on all the songs, obviously, but when you strip the music back a little bit and let the vocals really stand out, that’s when you really hear how much talent somebody’s got. That’s the case with this one.

She says:

“Call me a fool, but I’m hopelessly in love with being in love. I will always be a Juliet.”

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