THE 1865 “John Brown’s Gat”
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THE 1865 is a nouveau punk alt rock band from NYC. They’ve only been around since 2017.

We talk about how the environment can heavily influence a creator’s creation. This is a perfect example. You’ll get an instant impression of their music when you find out this album was recorded in Woodstock, NY. One of the most legendary vibe-infused locations for mind-expanding, freestyle music on earth (because of the Woodstock Festival of August, 1969).

See…You have a preconceived sound in mind already, don’t you?

Much like the artists of the 1960’s who played at Woodstock, The 1865 sings about things like social issues such as racism in America. For example, this song is called “John Brown’s Gat”.

Sacha Jenins, the band’s founding member, says:

“John Brown was a white man who believed that African Americans should not be enslaved; he was willing to bust his gun (aka his “Gat”) to contribute to the emancipation/liberation effort. The kids today would simply describe him as an “ally”. He was willing to put his life on the line and eventually he lost his life on behalf of his brothers and sisters. We crafted a tune to honor the man. RIP my brother. You were on the right side of history.”.

If you think that sounds like something an artist from the 1960’s would say, you’re right. In fact, they chose the band name as a way to connect the past to the present. They use it to highlight the number of parallels between history and modern day life.

They are trying to stress that the world today is more similar to the past than people think or are willing to admit to.

This track is on their “Don’t Tread On We!” album, which is available for download now.

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