THE KNOW “Hold Me Like You Know Me”
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The Know is an alternative pop duo from LA.

They’re married. It’s Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. This came about as a Christmas gift to themselves. Go back to the holidays 2018. (A little over a year ago). They were going to travel home, like most people do, to see family in the UK and Texas.

Instead, they decided to stay home and create music together. So they locked themselves in their home studio for a few weeks. They just went into studio to see what happened. As it turns out, it was magic.

Their songs explore their personal life. They tell honest stories about their life together as a married couple. And that’s what people do…They write what they know.

Their debut album is almost a complete do-it-yourself effort. It was produced, mixed and mastered by Knowles. (By the way, we should mention that he sold we played all of the instruments on the EP all by himself).

Farmer handled the band’s visuals. She took care of all the artwork and things like that. And for the first time she took up lead vocals. She has no professional training, but she has such a strong desire to sing. This was a huge deal because she had previously been afraid of singing. In fact when she tried to sing it used to make her cry. But she conquered her fears.

Jennifer reveals that this song is a:

“very personal song. It describes a feeling of intense loneliness and isolation, which I’ve dealt with a lot this past year. Wanting to be seen, felt, loved and adored. Although it’s written from a romantic perspective. I think this feeling is also true of friendships, family, etc. Especially in this modern day and age where everyone is so detached and in their own worlds, it’s hard to feel connected on any kind of genuine level. You can be in a room of people and still feel lonely.”

That’s something we can all relate to.

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