TONY AS “Tomorrow”
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TONY AS is an R&B/Soul singer with a reggae twist!

His music is so well-rounded, it’s difficult to put him in a specific category. He has been known in London as the rapper who sings.

Honestly, we don’t care what you label his music, his songs are infectious! Once you hear a song from Tony As for the first time, you’ll probably wonder what else he has and start exploring his catalog.

He used to be a school teacher. However, his love for the music was in his blood. He felt a calling to pursue his music. So he quit his day job and dove into singing, songwriting and performing on a full time basis.

His writing and his style are so unique. And it’s easy to see why when you realize some of his musical influences are from hip-hop, soul and alternative rock. His sound is not the only unique element of Tony As.

His live performances are becoming legendary. In fact, performing in front of people is what really drives him and his creativity. He loves the bond he feels with his audiences. He loves the connection he is able to have while he’s performing.

Music is an emotional thing. It can make you laugh, cry, smile, think, remember and experience a wide array of emotions. Being able to see the crowd’s reaction means a lot to him because he knows his music is having an impact on them.

He also loves seeing how the audience reacts to his music. It allows him to make that emotional connection. And that is what creates an exceptional live experience. Tony As is truly a super talented singer, songwriter and performer. This song was just released in mid June and it is available for download now.

Check out this track on the SOUND KHARMA Song Spotlight podcast episode 42.

Be sure to connect with Tony thru TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and SPOTIFY.

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