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UPPERMOST is well known producer who we have featured before.

His latest project is something extra special. Anytime you get two uber talented musicians in one room, magic can ignite in a hurry.

That’s exactly what happened on this collab.

He has teamed up with new producer, Juani, from France and based in LA. He is only 22 years old but has a lifetime of influences to build his craft on…Everything from disco to acid techno to house.

This song was almost one of those “fate moments”. It was meant to be. He says:

“My idea for this track was to keep it pretty minimalist and let the melody tell the story through the song. After finishing the main idea, I sent it to Uppermost and he added a lot of magic to the track with his well-known signature sound. Working with Uppermost on this track is a huge achievement for me, like a dream coming to reality. I pumped Uppermost’s music in my headphones every single day during high school, and I still cannot believe that we are releasing this track together.”

Uppermost is one of the most unselfish people in the music business. His goal is to help other musicians. He also wants to create music that lifts fans up. In such a negative world, his music’s purpose is to project positivity that fans can inject into their own lives. He says:

“I like the idea that music can awaken our sense of freedom, making us be more open to the present moment, less negative with ourselves. In the space of a moment, it can make you travel to a happy, positive and inspiring place.”

This track is a truly magical collaboration between two amazingly talented producers. It was just released a few weeks ago and it is available for download now.

You can hear this song and others in the SOUND KHARMA new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” episode 45.


Connect with JUANI thru FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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