VERASECT “Catch Your Breath” (Dobie remix)
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VERASECT is a London-based “Darkwave” artist.

He is known for creating (occasionally) haunting atmospheric tracks. He creates “sounds”. He creates feelings. He also loves to bring in a variety of vocalists to cover lyrics and melodies. This track is the “Dobie Remix” version of ‘Catch Your Breath’.

Dobie is a legendary producer who has remixed and worked on countless tracks. So how did this collaboration happen? Verasect says

“I met Dobie last year when his work was featured in a skate photography exhibition in London that I organized. I had only known him as a photographer for many months until our curator and mutual friend brought up that we both were musicians. We started talking shop and I found out about all the great work he’s done. Bjork is one of my top artists and I was amazed to learn that he made one of my favourite tracks on her remix album Telegram”.

They started hanging out in the studio and (making a long story short) this remix is one of the creative results. Going thru the process of remixing this track has inspired Verasect to reach out to other “remixers” and create a full EP.

This track was just released a few days ago and it is available for download now.

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