WALDO WITT “Carteret”
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WALDO WITT is a pop artist who does not blend into the standard pop artist mold. He stands out.

He started his music career (almost) by accident. This is a very interesting story and showcase of how fate plays a big role in our lives.

He moved from Austin, TX to Chapel Hill, NC where his wife attends graduate school. He thought the move would be a great chance to expand his songwriting on a personal level. He and his band, Toma, had been playing around the Austin area for about a decade. But when he moved and the band took a break, it opened doors to other styles of writing, new sounds and deeper lyrical subjects.

It sounds like he was feeling the need to write songs that made more of a difference. That’s how a songwriter knows they have a higher calling than others…When they feel that calling to make a difference in the world thru their songwriting gifts.

When a songwriter with the level of talent as Waldo Witt is in a band it can be stiffing to the creativity because not everyone in the band thinks that deeply. Not everyone has the same idea of where the band should go.

In that situation, you often times end up writing to please the other band members. Many times, the music suffers. And, in the end, the fans suffer. This is why guys like Waldo Witt do what they do…It’s all because the music matters. And he’s one of those songwriters that needs to be free to write…Free to spread his wings..Free to do his own thing without being told what to do and how to do it.

He has spent a lot of time this last year developing and creating his home and mobile studio. In fact, he has so much time invested in it, he refers to the whole project as “DIY Hi-Fi”. In all of our lives we all go thru different stages.

Waldo says:

“Music for me has become a vehicle for discovery of the true self; it’s sort of a documentation of that journey. My hope is that others might recognize and relate, that we might share our experiences and learn from each other with music as the context.”

This track is on his 7-song album called “Randall”. It is available for download now.

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