In The Whale: American Eyes
by on August 2, 2017 in

In The Whale is a ‘no bullshit rock band’!  The 1st 12 seconds of this song sound like Bush. Then they veer off into their own dimension of auditory bliss.

First of all, we were attracted to their website domain that self-declares the band sucks ( Clearly, they don’t take themselves too seriously. lol

On the other hand, In The Wale doesn’t dick around with their music. They take that very seriously – And it shows. They make their music their way. And they have something to say: “Every soldier living on the street can tell you what it means to need. I gave it all – I did my best – American Eyes – Star-Spangled and so full of pride“. That’s pretty damn powerful!

Crowd feedback is insane everywhere they go. ITW puts on a killer, high-energy show. If you get a chance to see them it’s worth it. They are in the middle of a summer (2017) tour with stops in: Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Calgary, Tempe, Las Vegas, Nashville and more.

Be sure to connect with In The Whale thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

‘American Eyes’ in on their EP ‘Quicksand’ (which is available for download on iTunes).

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