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We are intense music fans – ALL types and genres. From Rock Music to Country Music, Pop Music, R&B Soul, Hip-Hop, Instrumental, Jazz and more!

Unfortunately, only a small portion of music is ever heard by a majority of fans.

We are changing that.

Our mission is to showcase and feature major artists alongside unsigned artists and everyone in between.

ALL Music Should Be Heard

best-indie-music-blog-sound-kharma-logo-250x287SOUND KHARMA was formed to provide a vehicle for ALL music and artists to get worldwide exposure without having the backing of the record labels.

We are not a record/artist promotion company. We do not ‘sign’ artists with us. No one ever pays us a fee. This is not a way to get music played on FM/satellite radio stations.

This is a music blog for music fans and creators. We invite everyone to contribute. If you are an artist or in a band or know of a talented musician that you want us to feature, let us know.

We strongly believe that all music should be heard. Unsigned talent alongside established artists and everyone in between.

A Worldwide Community For Artists & Music Lovers

Join the music movement. Participation from everyone is encouraged. We welcome all suggestions of artists to feature as well as encourage comments and social media shares.

The only thing we ask is to be respectful and positive. Our goal is to share and encourage. Not destroy and belittle.

Our goal is simply to find real music by real artists and tell people about it.

#RealMusicRealArtists | #AllMusicShouldBeHeard

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