Our Mission: New Music Discovery

ALL Music Should Be Heard

This is a movement for music fans and creators – ALL types and genres. Our mission is to showcase and feature talented independent artists, unsigned artists and everyone in between.We invite everyone to contribute. If you are an artist or in a band or know of a talented musician that you want us to feature let us know.

Who We Are

sound-kharma-logo-purple-circle-300x300Susan Becker is our Founder, CEO, Director Of New Music Discovery, Designer, Social Media Director, show’s Executive Producer and the overall visionary behind SOUND KHARMA®. Her experience in the broadcast radio business combined with her excitement for great music is what drives her passion. Susan’s artistic spirit, natural talent and affection for showcasing amazingly talented artists makes her the perfect driving force behind our mission to expand and change the way new music is consumed by existing and new fans.

‘Big’ Zak Becker is the host of “Song Spotlight” and our “Fastracks” series. His experience as an award-winning radio host, audio & video editor and web developer provides a perfect balance to execute the vision for the SOUND KHARMA® platform.

Spreading Positivity

Join the music movement. Participation from everyone is encouraged. The only thing we ask is to be respectful and positive. Our goal is to share and encourage. Our intention is simply to find real music by real artists and tell people about it so ALL music is heard!

Thanks To Some Of Our Featured Artists For Their Support

  • “What an honor. I am grateful and happy to have seen the episode. You really inspire me to record more music. I guess it’s the symbiotic relationship between the musician and the listener. ” – Axel Barragan
  • “Karma Being The Energy You Put Out You Get Back. These Guys Have Got Some Seriously Good Karma Flowing Back To Them For Sure!” – Dar.Ra
  • “Thank you so much to Sound Kharma for this awesome little piece about What If ! Love the podcast and love the vibe!! xxx Berg” – Berg
  • Sound Kharma with the love! raaaaaaad.” – Bora York
  • “What a beautiful feature 👏👏👏👏 .Flattered to be apart of this line up Sound Kharma , thank you!” – Crystal Tamar
  • “So cool – so grateful to be on this list of “featured artists” thanks so much guys Sound Kharma KOLETTE XX” – Kolette Kavanagh
  • “Love @SOUNDKHARMA the energy is unbeatable!” – Firewoodisland