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We spotlight new music from artists, musicians, bands, singers and songwriters from around the world in all genres.

The “Fastracks” series includes a short clip of each track with links to the artists full videos. Preview 5 new songs in under 5 minutes.


Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 8 (9/9/18)

We have samples from 3 songs this week. The first is from a pop/singer/songwriter with a BIG voice, who writes BIG powerful emotional ballads. Her name is Rachelle Rhienne. We also have a pop/punk/indie band called Dot Dash. They’ve gotten to play with some really cool bands. We also have

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 7 (9/2/18)

We have a really cool mix of music this week. First, is a pop singer from London, named Hannah Jo. She groomed herself to be a performer from an early age. We also have an R&B/Soul artist named Mark Pelli. He has a very unique sound that we haven’t heard

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 6 (8/26/18)

We have an interesting, diverse list this week. We’re spotlighting a country singer/songwriter from a farm in eastern Iowa, named Stevey. He started in music by mimicking his dad doing something “different” than most artists. We are also spotlighting an ambient style designer, artist and musician named Johny Dar. We

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 5 (8/19/18)

This week, we’re spotlighting a singer/songwriter named Lilith, who started writing and entering competitions at age 11. We also have an Alternative band called CAEZAR. The guys in the group used to play rugby but gave it up. Find out why. We are also featuring a cool pop group from

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 4 (8/12/18)

This week, we’re spotlighting a 15-year old pop singer from Hershey, PA. Her name is GiGi. She is also an actress who has received a rather impressive nomination. We are also spotlighting an alternative band from Aberdeen, Scotland, named SWYM. You’ll hear a really cool story about how this song

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 3 (8/5/18)

This week, we are spotlighting a singer/songwriter, Kris Angelis, who had gone thru several losses while working in this EP. Those real-life experiences helped shape these songs that are about healing one’s self as well as others. We are also spotlighting an R&B/Soul/Rap/Hip-Hop artist who seamlessly blends these different genres

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 2 (7/29/18)

This week, we are spotlighting 3 songs. 1.Just A Jester is a solo project from alt/singer/songwriter Tim Whitacker. The song is called ‘Make It Easier’. 2. D’Luxe is a pop ‘girl group’ from London who has only been together since 2016. They have amazing harmonies. 3. Jimmy Hennessey is a

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Song Spotlight Podcast Ep 1 (7/22/18)

This week’s Song Spotlight: Ali Jacko (rock) ‘Army Of Angels’. Freya Alley (pop music) ‘Come Back’. Clayton Morgan (R&B/Soul) ‘Taste For Love’. DOWNLOAD ANY OF THESE FEATURED SONGS BELOW: Ali Jacko: ‘Army Of Angels’ FREYA ALLEY: ‘COME BACK’ CLAYTON MORGAN: ‘TASTE FOR LOVE’

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