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AUTOPILOT “Living Dead”

AUTOPILOT is an alternative rock band from Canada. This is not a band that plays a few gigs and takes

SHARONE “Turn Back Time”

SHARONE is a rock vocalist from Denver. If you’ve never heard her sing before, watch out! Her voice will knock

VINCENT BARREA “Chemical Or Love”

VINCENT BARREA is a wickedly talented producer, vocalist and rapper. Sometimes, musicians get pigeonholed into a particular format and fans


YARD OF BLONDES is an alternative French/California rock band. They started out as a French duet but relocated to the


MIDNIGHT DIVIDE is a dark indie rock trio from LA. The band’s front man, Austen Moret, has a destiny to


BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD is a producer and label owner based in LA. It is the solo project by musician Mikey Maramag.

LULLWATER “Dark Divided”

LULLWATER is an alt rock band from Athens, Georgia. The band formed in 2007. But it took five years to

ANDYVA “Sexclusive”

ANDYVA is an amazing singer, songwriter, producer from the Netherlands. Some super talented artists start out “doing” some form of

AUDRA “Tired Friends”

AUDRA is an alternative rock band. They are releasing their first tracks in 10 years. They formed in 1991. The

THE 1865 “John Brown’s Gat”

THE 1865 is a nouveau punk alt rock band from NYC. They’ve only been around since 2017. We talk about

Sätilä “Like You Do”

Sätilä is a Finnish pop artist based in London. His musical journey started when he was 7 years old. That’s

ALICE HUBBLE ” Kick The Habit”

ALICE HUBBLE is the indie pop project of Alice Hubley, who is (quote) “one lady locked at home with a

KIDSØ “Sparkle”

KIDSØ is what some call a “live electro duo” based in Munich. Friends since they were kids, Moritz Grassinger and

FORCES “Stay On Me”

FORCES is an indie pop dance group from Canada, made up of Jessica and Dave. This is not their first


JASMINE CAIN is an alternative pop/rock artist from Nashville. She is originally from Sturgis, SD. But she moved to Nashville


JOHANNA KUVAJA is a singer, songwriter and music teacher from Finland. She has music in her bones. It’s in her

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