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TGC “Secret Wedding”

TGC stands for The Green Children.They are electro-pop duo, Marlo and Milla. They are from England and Norway. Music was

MARCO DeLISO “Round & Round”

Marco DeLiso is an indie pop alternative artist. He's based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He's a multi-instrumentalist. He's a recording engineer.


Alice Triskel is an electro-pop composer/singer-songwriter from Barcelona. She took singing lessons when she was 14. She's a super talented

MATIAS AND THE CANYONS “Echoes of the Canyons”

Matias and the Canyons', Matthias, is an Americana singer-songwriter. He's also known as Herman, the banjo player in Steve'n'Seagulls.  I

THE KNOW “Hold Me Like You Know Me”

The Know is an alternative pop duo from LA. They're married. It's Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. This came about

MIKE BEECH “Running”

Mike Beach is a singer-songwriter who is exploring his musical side. He has an educational background in math, which you

6th CROWD “Самозванцы (Samozvantsiy)”

Sixth crowd is the solo project of Dari Maksymova. She's an electronic producer and singer based in the Ukraine. She


Ebony Buckle is an alternative singer-songwriter originally from Townsville, Australia. However, she's now based in London. Her parents encouraged her

PANAVISCOPE “Breathing In Reverse”

PANAVISCOPE is a one-man pop act from Geneva, Switzerland. Alex Diloz is one of those musicians with so much individual

ASHES TO OMENS “Let The Devil Loose”

ASHES TO OMENS is a hard rock band out of Athens, GA. By band standards, they haven’t been together all


KARIMA FRANCIS is an amazing singer/songwriter from Blackpool. She sings the kind of music that gets peoples’ attention. Her vocals

NIGHT HIKES “Belltown”

NIGHT HIKES is a super talented alternative duo that has some interesting stories to tell. For one, they got kicked


PORCELAN is an R&B singer from outside Memphis. If you have never heard her sing before, you’re about to be


DALTON DESCHAIN AND THE TRAVELING SHOW is a pulp-punk band from NYC. If you’re not familiar with the band, they

WALDO WITT “Carteret”

WALDO WITT is a pop artist who does not blend into the standard pop artist mold. He stands out. He

JENNY TEATOR “Daughter Of The Devil”

JENNY TEATOR is rock singer/songwriter from St. Louis. Sometimes singers sound like they’re “phoning it in”. They sound like they’re

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