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Raw Collective is a 12-piece jazzy-funk-rap-hip-hop group from Wellington, New Zealand with a TOTAL unique sound! They don’t “break the

July 24, 2018
TRUHVAS: Horoscope

TRUHVAS is an urban vocalist, songwriter and producer from the UK. He recently premiered this song on BBC Radio Nottingham.

August 29, 2017
Static Headz: Why Do I Do

Static Headz is a new formula of rock/rap. They are the result of many different influences all wrapped into one

June 29, 2017
Quincy: Sunshine

Quincy is an R&B artist from Los Angeles. He is also the son of Al B. Sure! Sean (Diddy) Combs

April 28, 2017
Pastel: Dark (ft Lexx Black)

Pastel is a pop, hip-hop, electronic artist from Uganda. “Black” (featuring Lexx Black) is the 3rd release from his CD

November 21, 2016
Mellow The Muse: Im In Church

Mellow The Muse sent us this Hip-Hop submission. The melody in the background is a bit haunting. It is a

November 2, 2016
International: Chariots

International sent us a submission of his song ‘Chariots‘. We LOVE it!! We also find his story really cool. We

October 25, 2016
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