Anaté “Nonsense (Remix)”
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Anaté “Nonsense (Remix)”

Anaté “Nonsense (Remix)” by German DJ (Phillip Wolf)

Germany/Italy-based Alt/Pop duo Anaté and announces “Nonsense (Remix)” by German DJ (Phillip Wolf) due out 9/17/21. Composed of singer-songwriter Ana and central producer Andrea Del Miglio, Ana states: “Nonsense talks about the absurdity of life. More than that, about the absurdity of our constant struggles to give meaning to our lives. I do not believe life is meaningless, but I do believe that trying to find an explanation for everything is rather pointless. Most is nonsense and the purpose of life should be to live it, rather than to try to explain / understand it.”

The pair have received thousands of streams with their latest singles that were released just this year and garnered over 15k monthly Spotify listeners. “…beautifully shows off Anaté’s abilities to fuse alternating genres together whilst also flaunting their individual talents.

Meeting back in early 2019, they have since begun rapidly making music together resulting in a downtempo unique sound similar to Massive Attack and Hooverphonic” (Notion Magazine) Anaté was formed in 2019 when Andrea was searching for a vocalist to work with for a trip-hop project. When he could find no one who fit the bill, a friend suggested Ana, who ended up sending Andrea “an awesome melody and perfect lyrics”.

Meeting for the first time in Brussels merely weeks later, the pair decided their musical chemistry was undeniable and continued to collaborate together. Ana lives between Paris and Berlin, and is a classically trained pianist. Andrea is based out of Milan, and in addition to producing, has a background playing guitar in various bands for over a decade. Anaté’s influences encompass a broad range of genres and artists, including brit-pop, trip-hop, Pink Floyd, Lenny Kravitz, Massive Attack, and Sade.

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