Arabella and The Heist “1769”
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Arabella and The Heist “1769”


Arabella and The Heist just released their ferocious punk single ‘1769’ on March 8. They are now dropping the accompanying music video that pays homage to Melbourne’s legendary Cherry Bar, depicting a raucous night out.

For those who have spent time in Melbourne, there is no doubt that there’s been a notion to head to the Cherry Bar at some stage of the night. A haven for the punk and rock aficionados, the Cherry Bar has captured hearts of all genres since its initial opening in 1999 on ACDC Lane.

As a thrashing, fierce and fiery two-minute punk-rock track that was written off the back of a wild night out at Cherry Bar, it was only fitting for Arabella and The Heist to replicate this in their music video directed by Ben Blenner.

Authentically capturing the intensity and untethered late-night energy, the clip tracks Arabella moving through the venue, through crowds of familiar faces, reaching its peak within a mosh pit in the upstairs band room. With a foreboding and sinister allure, the clip is a sweaty embrace of the unyielding spirit of punk-rock rebellion.

Arabella and The Heist have been racking up shows like this depicted in the clip, most recently supporting German punk S.U.G.A.R and playing Mordi Fest with The Vanns, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, the Pierce Brothers and more. These join the plethora of previous shows they’ve been playing with their rock and punt contemporaries throughout Melbourne, particularly, the beloved Cherry Bar.

Join Arabella and The Heist on another raucous night when they hit the road on Thursday, March 28 to play Duke Of Enmore in Sydney.

Upcoming Shows:
Thursday, March 28 – Duke Of Enmore, Sydney | Free Entry

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