Beck Black “She’s a Ok”
3 band members huddled together in a white room

Beck Black “She’s a Ok”

With a bolt of sonic lightning and a glittery punch, She’s A-OK is a portrait painted of the love between a mother & her daughter. During Beck Black’s childhood, her parents divorced, resulting in her mom becoming a single parent. She’s A-OK is an anthem for women to be strong and independent in a world filled with fear, worry, and insecurity. Inspired by her own mother’s tenacity, she sings the outro with heartfelt lyrics “late at night, I sit at home alone, waiting for the telephone to ring, my heart sings.” She’s A-Ok is a maxim orchestrated by the pounding 1980’s New Order inspired dance floor synths melting into a half-time rhythm played by drummer Adam Alt during the bridge with a Cyndi Lauper influenced vocal soaring to new levels.

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