Bellza “Stupid Words”
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Bellza “Stupid Words”

‘Stupid Words’ is the latest single release from Hastings (UK) teenage indie-folk artist Bellza.

Taken from her recently released debut album ‘Goldfish’ – the track showcases an independent artist who draws influences from folk pioneers such as Elliot Smith and Sufran Stevens whilst embracing the sonic experimentation of artists such as The Flaming Lips.

Bellza’s ‘Goldfish’ debut album contains songs that were written by the artist as early as 14 years old, at the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recorded and produced entirely at home, ‘Goldfish’ is a genuinely raw and confessional body of work in both its lyrical content and intentional lo-fi tilting production values. The album is journey of melodic sophistication wrapped in contemporary folk stylistics and tastefully embellished with psychedelic and dream pop overtones. With the exception of percussive contributions from Amie Tarrant, ‘Goldfish’ was largely recorded by Bellza herself.

Goldfish’ Debut Album (released 23rd August 2023) is now available on all major digital platforms.

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