Best New Indie Music Discoveries (7/8/2021) – “Fastracks” 9
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Best New Indie Music Discoveries (7/8/2021) – “Fastracks” 9

Discover and preview 5 of the best new indie tracks in less than 5 minutes f. Buel, WIESE, The Mad Game, The Islas and AMMO.

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Get more info about this episode’s featured artists below:

Based in Los Angeles, BUEL is a multi-talented artist ; from her Indie-Pop songs’ compositions, arrangements, music video directions to stylism and visuals, BUEL handles everything with taste and perfection, and was awarded for her work, with “Lemon Smile”, winning the 2021 London Music Video Festival, one of the most important film festivals for music video makers.

BUEL was remarked in 2019 by Adrian Gurvitz, who signed BUEL a production deal with AGM Records UK, upon her release ‘Advice’. Adrian Gurvitz is famous for his hit songs and Grammy Award-winning soundtrack from the movie ‘The Bodyguard’.

BUEL’s single “Lemon Smile“, released in 2020, was listed as best new pop by BBC1, featured on major radio stations (WTCC, KOR, KDKO 89.5, KGNU 88.5, WBMX 104.1, KDAI 89.1, WHDQ 106.1, WXLF 95.3) and won the 2021 London Music Video Festival.

Her song ‘Stray Little Legs’ is featured in the movie ‘Let’s Dream’, and ‘Troublemaker’ in the movie ‘My True Fairytale’.

BUEL is a one of a kind, promising artist, already praised by her peers.

Her unique cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit“ is a demonstration of BUEL’s distinct style.
Released in March 2021 and distributed by Charlie Walk’s Music Mastery Distribution, the song took BUEL to the next level, entering in rotation on radio stations worldwide and catching the attention of national publications.

BUEL is releasing her new single “Small Talk”, on July 16, 2021.

Songs for My Therapist is a stunning blend of indie folk and rock with an infectious pop sensibility. The six-track EP is influenced by her discovery and self-acceptance behind being an openly queer woman and her intense feelings surrounding love, heartbreak and healing. The first single “Trust Me” is about “having hope, falling in love and taking a chance,” confides Ali. Featuring blissfully warm vocals, atmospheric soundscapes and mood-setting saxophone, “Trust Me” is an affectionate ode to new romance. Then there is “On My Way Again,” which is a more bluesy, roots-inspired indie pop tune all about navigating the darkest of times and coming out stronger and with heightened awareness. On “Clear Water,” Ali Coyle finds solace in existence, connecting with water as the ultimate healer. “Clear Water” was recorded primarily using my looping pedal with sounds pulled and reversed to create orchestral-like effects that made the raw and emotional vocals carry extra importance,” says the songwriter.

The EP is an enthralling debut body of work from a prolific songwriter. Songs for My Therapist tells the promising tale of an individual who was struggling to find herself, and ultimately did.

WIESE (Trygve Wiese-Haugland) is a songwriter, producer and DJ from Bergen, Norway – the hometown of Kygo and Alan Walker. WIESE makes commercial electronic pop music, characterized by catchy melodies, pulsating rhythms and a radio-friendly format.

His latest single “Hear Me” is a bright pop, deep house tune exploding in colour and life. The track touches on the freedom after post-lockdown confinement and the excitement at the prospect of travel and adventure coming back into full swing. Explored through the male and female vocals the track leans towards their future of exploring again, with WIESE sharing, “The song is telling a story about what lockdown has done to us as human beings, our ability to be close to each other and our need to explore things the way we used to.”

As we all get ready to burst out of lockdown hibernation, this single is the anthem to lead you out into the jungle of life again. Co-produced by Conner Edmunds and featuring vocals from Erin Jarvis, “Hear Me” is a summer breeze, bursting with exotic flavours and tropical soundscapes. The main synth melody is highly catchy, carrying a flow of energy and keeping you feeling happy and alive. His influences and inspirations include Imanbek, R3hab and Hedegaard, mixed with a timely blend of storytelling lyrics and infectious pop. WIESE explains, “After a year in lockdown and finally starting to see things opening up again, the vibe I felt was uplifting, energetic and happy.”

The Mad Game, an electro-pop combo, set the summer feel-good in motion with their latest single, ‘Funny’. It’s available to stream now on all major streaming platforms.

‘Funny’, with its captivating rhythm, instantly gets the hips jiving in excitement. The bass is massive, and the structure is enthralling, with numerous paths pursued as the song progresses. The two-piece also show that they aren’t afraid to try new things, which gives them a unique perspective.

The pair consists of Sudo, the composer, producer, occasional vocalist, and Karla, who also composes and performs lead vocals. Both are innovative, combining dark comedy with catchy choruses to convey the message that nothing is as it appears.

The Islas have had the pleasure of supporting Cast, Fickle Friends, Louis Berry, Anteros, The Amazons on their Norwich legs of their respective tours. They have also headlined infamous venues across Norwich including The Waterfront, Norwich Arts Centre, EPIC Studios and the mainstage at Neverworld festival. With Spotify editorial support, as well as Alex Rainbird playlist inclusions and BBC Introducing airplay, The Islas are proving to be ones to watch.

Norwich has delivered a new breed of Indie in the form of The Islas. With upbeat rhythms, sharp melodies and thoughtful lyricism that hints at influences of The Smiths, Beautiful South, Paul Weller & Sam Fender, their songs are harvested from youth and the experiences British adolescents face throughout their journey into adulthood. The anxiety, happiness, sadness and first loves – and everything in-between.

Consisting of Nathan Baverstock (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Ross Allen (Lead Guitar), Granger Wittering (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Ed Chalu (Drums), the band found their sound through a mutual desire to put on high energy shows with tight 2 minute tracks that showcased their musical abilities and captivating, storytelling songwriting.

“The Absence Of You” is the first single to drop in the run up to their upcoming six-track EP, Oblivion. Written throughout the confines of the pandemic, the song arose after the downfall of a long term relationship. Tackling post-break-up emotions and the feelings of insecurities, regret and lack of confidence, Baverstock shares, “The single is not really a love-sick song about wanting someone back, just the sensation of feeling empty and realising that that chapter of your life has gone.”

Creating a big, vibrant, dance-worthy anthem, this indie single is the perfect head banger for those fun, sweaty nights. Opening with a warm puff of summer, fluttering riffs and exotic drums, before kicking into The Killers-esque punchiness and excitement, “The Absence Of You” dips in and out of a tropical haze with pure lightning bolt energy. Everything about this single is highly engaging and energising, from the gritty, lyrical guitar melodies and bright drums, to the silky, warm vocals hinting at the pain and loss of a relationship.


‘Rose + Crown’ was born of the isolation and swift emerging darkness wrought upon the world by the current pandemic, echoing themes of catharsis and freedom from self-imposed shackles, whether physical or psychological. Written by AMMO, it was co-produced and recorded with Alex Posell, former Black Flamingo bandmate, who also contributes drums and percussion, and mixed and mastered by Robert Duncan IV.

AMMO’s distillate aesthetic can be described as otherworldly ethereal shoegaze, driven by the pulse of primordial percussive rhythms that provide a backdrop for haunting vocals and lush, atmospheric guitar lines. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Rudimentary Peni, Dead Can Dance, Cranes, Cocteau Twins and Enya act as the influential foundation, supporting the lens through which AMMO channels her art.

AMMO has enveloped herself in a number of music, photography and film projects. Her band Brass Box released their full-length LP ‘The Cathedral’ in 2019. Past music projects include Black Flamingo, Darklands and Tête. Her music has been said to “shackle the living or free the dead…” by creating mystical magnetic soundscapes – “the kind of music that should soundtrack a sand-dune-to-shoreline road movie by David Lynch”.

A rock and roll photographer, musician and songwriter, AMMO spent her youth ditching school to delve through record store bins and scour the LA music and art scene in hopes of running into like-minds.
Pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo is a constant in her life. She has shot and produced a feature film, co-founded PLAG Presents, a platform for women musicians and the LGBTQ community voices to be heard.

Her storied history in shooting fashion editorials and directing short films and music videos have given her the tools to achieve a deeper connection with her listeners. These artistic mediums empower her exploration of illusive and melancholic topics which offer listeners an emotional and visceral experience by creating a dialogue between the imagined and physical.

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