Briana Piedra “Part 2”
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Briana Piedra “Part 2”

“Part 2” is about a girl exposing her feelings for someone that she had built up over a period of time and kept a secret. After realizing that this person meant a lot more to her than what she led on, she also understands and accepts that it’s not possible to be together, and that she has to let go.

Briana Piedra is an American Singer/Songwriter from Portland, OR, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Briana started off her music career in 2019 when she released her Debut Single “Something To Believe In”, then shortly followed with her electrifying single “No More” in 2020. After creating a buzz in the PNW, she quickly got to work on a project with the Producer Duo, Yellow Trash Can, packed up and moved to LA early 2021 and hit the ground running with her mesmerizing 5 song EP “Daydream” that came out in July 2021. Now in 2022, Briana kicked off this year releasing her upbeat Summer Hit Single “CRAVE” in April, and is keeping her momentum going with her New Moody Single release “It Was Always You”.

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