BYLJA “Nord”
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BYLJA “Nord”

Electronica duo BYLJA have recently released their debut EP Sojourn on the 24th of September via Springstoff. On the EP, listeners will find the progressive track, ‘Nord’. The duo have made themselves at home on stage, appearing at several of Denmark’s biggest festivals including Spot Festival, Uhørt Festival, Smukfest, and Stella Polaris, as well as sharing a stage with well-known acts such as Maribou State and Lydmor. Offstage, the duo have also provided official remixes for German duo KIDSØ and Czech duo teepee. With their chilled sound, BYLJA have received support from several unique publications including Comeherefloyd, VENTS Magazine, Rock & Pop, Last Day Deaf and Bands Of Tomorrow.

Born and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Marchel Mørk and Emil Aagaard met each other at a school musical and bonded over their love of cheese and synthesizers. They formed BYLJA in 2018, where they would explore the inspiring sounds of Jon Hopkins, Christian Löffler and Boards of Canada in their music. The Sojourn EP sits closely to these influences, drawing parallels to the works of Kiasmos, Rival Consoles and Bonobo.

Diverging between gently caressing and driving rhythmic tones, BYLJA draw the listener into an organic soundscape experience with ‘Nord’. The duo have created a progressive track that increases with tempo and highlights the beauty of uncomplicated tones meeting delicately shimmering embellishments.

Speaking of the track, BYLJA tell us: “Originally, Nord wasn’t supposed to be on the EP. It was actually an older track, of which we made the first demo way before we knew that it was going to be on the EP. We stumbled upon the Nord demo at some point during the production of the EP and decided to finish it, and to have it as part of the Sojourn EP. It sounded way different before that, but now it’s as much a part of the EP as all the other tracks – sweater-techno with a breakbeat-twist.”

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