Cate Von Csoke “Heart of Darkness”
woman standin in a dark room, looking up at the camera

Cate Von Csoke “Heart of Darkness”

Indie psych/pop/rock artist, Cate Von Csoke announces her new single, “Heart of Darkness” (Ramble Records), a collaboration with CRIMEN, an Italian psych band based in Rome who had their first album released on Fuzz Club Records and are regulars on the psych live music/ festival scene.

A follow up to her rave-reviewed full-length, Almoon (out on vinyl via Ramble Records), “Heart of Darkness” will be available on 7” split single this Fall and is part one of the collaboration with CRIMEN. The song was inspired by the novel of the same title by Joseph Conrad and his narrated voyage up the Congo River.

Ethereal and echoed vocals evoke an isolated space- a river at night, the ocean, the desert. The sound is further modulated through an old amp with heavily distorted ambiance to reflect the exploration. Deeper and deeper into the “Heart of Darkness.” “The artist intricately delivers a sense of nostalgia for her new single, intimately ushering us into a cinematic and atmospheric soundscape.

Laced with ethereal serene vocals, the artist anchors the lush production with introspective lyricism and warming drums.” (Wonderland Magazine).

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