Cobalto “12 Things i forgot”
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Cobalto “12 Things i forgot”

-COBALTO+ (COBALTOband). With the start of the new production born in January 2020, of “the song Now Forever”, with Tim Palmer, (Tears For Fears, U2, D. Bowie, etc.) they publish Shine and in October 2022 the unreleased third single : “Something Beautiful”; Rillo Production label and “Goodfellas Records”, for digital and physical worldwide distribution.

On September 19, 2022 the band releases, Shine (The Remixes) -E.P. (Opilec Music Label), 4 remixes of the second single “Shine” from the production with Tim Palmer. At the end of January 2023, two more remixes of Shine are released, with the participation of Davide Romani (Change), a funk-soul band of world caliber. On February 28, 2023, after 3 years of work, the album “Something Beautiful” -COBALTO+ (COBALTOband).

Con l’inizio della nuova produzione nata nel gennaio 2020, del brano “Now Forever”, con Tim Palmer,(Tears For Fears,U2,D.Bowie,etc.) pubblicano a seguire Shine e ad ottobre 2022 l’inedito terzo singolo: “Something Beautiful”;Rillo Production label e “Goodfellas Records”, per la distribuzione mondiale digitale e fisica, Il 19 settembre 2022 la band pubblica, Shine (The Remixes) -E.P. (Opilec Music Label), 4 remix del secondo singolo “Shine” della produzione con Tim Palmer. A fine gennaio 2023 escono ancora due remix di Shine,con la partecipazione di Davide Romani (Change) funk-soul band del calibro mondiale. Il 28 febbraio 2023 esce dopo 3 anni di lavoro, l’album”Something Beautiful” in tutto il mondo was released worldwide.

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