Cognate Souls “Rush Hour”
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Cognate Souls “Rush Hour”


For some reason the 70’s reached out and snatched Cognate Souls back like Sandman’s cane at the Apollo. We don’t know if it’s the draw of musical experimentation, the rebellious sentiment of self-exploration or the wonky lettering that captures the era so well, but that vibe largely influences our sound without losing modern relevance.

Cognate Souls blends soul, funk and rock into an amalgamation that’s like dinner between Sly and the Family Stone, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz. Our style is fun, raw and introspective while never losing sight of one central truth; we all create a better world together.

Cognate Souls formed as a group that represents it’s main mission, All Souls + One Root = One Sound. All of us are connected as one body and so the sound of music, the sound of love, should be one that uplifts and connects while never losing sight of joy in togetherness.

Originally formed pre-Covid by J. Kevin Powell, with some musicians from his church, the collective formed and released a few songs to play at RevFest in Marietta. As Covid hit, changes to the lineup were made forging this beautiful iteration, informed by our diverse heritage.

Cognate Soul’s music sits on a funk foundation and incorporates soul (of which funk is a subgenre), rock, gospel, afro Cuban rhythms, Jazz, Hip Hop (old and new) and other multi-genre elements to create it’s psychedelic soul and alternative R&B sound. The live show is like having a band as your DJ, moving seamlessly between songs to keep the show lively, fun and interactive.

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