Dakota Jones “Countdown”
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Dakota Jones “Countdown”

New York’s Dakota Jones finally release their eagerly awaited second album, Heartbreakers Space Club – along with their infectious new single, ‘Countdown’.

One of the album’s finest moments ‘Countdown’ is the powerful and heartfelt closing track which tackles the complicated topic of being in love in one of the most simple ways – a literal countdown. “This song and video mean a hell of a lot to me” says Tristan Carter Jones. “This is my favorite song on the album. It’s a song about how love is bigger than everything, love conquers all the big bad feelings that come at you every day, it conquers all the big bad things around us. When you focus on love, things get a hell of a lot simpler.”

The simplicity and universality of that message is echoed in the joyous accompanying video, the first they’ve made that hasn’t been directed by the band themselves. Enrolling the help of directors Rebecca Mendoza Mejia & Emmi Shockley plus Director of Photography Julian Alvarez, the video captures the carefree and joyful feeling of love perfectly, with Tristan and the band taking to Prospect Park in Brooklyn with some of their closest friends – if it doesn’t get you in the mood for summer, nothing will.

While their previous full-length found itself in old school grooves and sensibilities, the new album from Dakota Jones has one foot firmly in the future. Interestingly, Heartbreakers Space Club acts as a return to the band’s roots, experimenting and genre-bending as was the journey across a string of EPs and singles released prior to Black Light. Nevertheless, the retro stylings remain present on the new record with slick rhythms and organ keys while allowing room for the band to add futuristic elements to their sound, complete as ever with the powerhouse vocals of Tristan Carter-Jones. On heavy rotation during recording were the iconic Ziggy Stardust album by David Bowie, as well as D’Angelo’s discography and early Prince, an intriguing mix of music providing inspiration that can be heard throughout the album, yet still delivering the unwavering and uncensored confidence as well as a whole lot of joy that comes solely from Dakota Jones.

‘Heartbreakers Space Club – doubling as both something celestial and a place that you hold for yourself, is where you lose yourself to find yourself, break yourself down to build back up into the most authentic version of you. One moment you’re sitting in a dark corner of the bar smoking a cigarette, gazing out of the window into a candy pink sky, the next moment all of the walls disappear and you’re floating in the middle of nothing, weightless and without a care. Let it take you there.’ – Tristan Carter-Jones.

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