David Perry “Goodbye Hello 2021”
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David Perry “Goodbye Hello 2021”

This is the original “Goodbye Hello” video from 5 years ago, but with a newer music mix, which includes a different solo than the original. It of course spotlights the late great Woofie Katt, and those hot background singers at the end.

Goodbye Hello aka Say Goodbye . by David Perry

Say Goodbye to all the roads that lead nowhere
Say Goodbye to things that aren’t what they seem
Say Goodbye to thoughts you’ll never get somewhere
Say Goodbye and Say Hello to your Dream
Say Goodbye to all the walls put before you
Say Goodbye to games you can’t rise above
Say Goodbye to those who couldn’t adore you
Say Goodbye and Say Hello to the Love
Say Goodbye to holding on to false answers
Say Goodbye to roles that didn’t ring true
Say Goodbye to only watching the dancers
Say Goodbye and Say Hello to You

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