Davis Caruso “Reggae In An Icestorm”
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Davis Caruso “Reggae In An Icestorm”

Soulful Michigan based R&B singer Davis Caruso released his new single ‘Reggae In An Icestorm’ on the 22nd of September via MICHIGROWN. The experimental American singer-songwriter has built up an extensive catalog of self-written music, and has performed primarily as a busker on the streets of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Michigan where he showcases his sublime talent for crafting intricate and personal songs unbound by genre. The track has already premiered and received support from notable webzine EARMILK.


From an early age, Davis Caruso has felt a strong gravitational pull to music. Learning to play the guitar, he stumbled upon writing songs, feeling there was a different, more unique path for him to take. Over the years, he was lucky to meet and work with many talented musicians, all of which helped to mentor and shape his artistic journey. Songwriting is a spiritual practice for him. One that he has mostly done in solitude, but he continues to open up to other trusted companions in the process. He sees music as our best evidence of a greater power. ‘Somehow its finite structure gives way to infinite expression…’ says Davis.


‘Reggae In An Icestorm’ is effortlessly suave and chill. Laid-back guitar chords and ukulele kick us off, as Davis’s warm yet breezy voice paints a story of greener-pastures and sunnier skies. ‘Reggae In An Icestorm’, as the name implies_,_ is almost paradoxical in nature_._ With reggae identifying itself as an undoubtedly tropical, island based sound, Davis dives deep in his hometown of rainy Michigan and nails the vibe, transporting him and the listener somewhere else – a brief yet illusory respite. A catchy melodic bassline, angelic background vocals and some jazzy brass parts also co-exist, producing the perfect track for relaxation and easy-listening, one where each element shines in its own way.


Davis Caruso had this to say**: “**Defining an artist by a genre of music is simply outdated.  This song was birthed out of playfulness and curiosity… Thank you for listening and sharing!”.

-Official bio

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