Detroit Rebellion “No One Needs To Know”
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Detroit Rebellion “No One Needs To Know”

Swampy, existential garage, blues, psych, stoner, punk, jazz rock influenced by Detroit music.

I built a soundproof recording space in my basement during the pandemic. I referenced mostly 70’s music and the White Stripes for the production style. We’re not the White Stripes or 70’s music. Instead, we offer an eclectic variation of garage rock with an “in the room with the band” recording sound for our new release “Fake News” (Oct, 14 2023).

We’re not from Detroit. Despite Micaiah being an extra in the film “Detroit,” our connection is a love of music and “forgotten” history. The Detroit Rebellion (of 1967) seemed a good fit to honor under-reported history from a place whose music – John Lee Hooker, Stooges, Mc-5, Stevie Wonder, White Stripes, etc.- was an influence.

Detroit Rebellion – Jeff Toste: Guitar, Vocals – Micaiah Castro: Drums

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