Diamonds and Guns “So Long, Chicago”
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Diamonds and Guns “So Long, Chicago”

In 2019, Sthlm, SWE, four friends who decided to start a rock band.

When the band discussed the band name, it was directly between; bad suggestions or “Diamonds and Guns”.
Through the pandemic, the band has recorded three home made/recorded productions/releases and music videos; “The Lonesome Man”, “Cheers To Us” och “Singing Songs From Hell”.
Now, with the legend Tomas Skogsberg (The Hellacopters, Entombed, Backyard Babies, with more) behind the wheels, the band has shifted gear! 2023 will the band release their debut EP “Making Cash For Heartless Crooks” .

We, Diamonds and Guns, have created a great five tracked EP, that we call “Making Cash For Heartless Crooks”. The first song out is the single “So Long, Chicago” and the track also has a music video.
The single, “So Long, Chicago” released 4th of August and the hole EP released 1st of September together with Sound Pollution Distribution.

“Making Cash For Heartless Crooks”, is the debut EP of the band. The production is well written, melancholic and melodious. When you’re listening to the EP it will bring feelings like summery, nostalgic and festive. Punkrock as it’s finest, danceable and catchy.

The single, “So Long, Chicago”, is a modern, up beat and a great catchy punkrock song. Both glad and sad story. About the heart, purposefulness and the past.

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