Easton “End Times”
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Easton “End Times”

“End Times” is a song of escapism and connection. Set against the backdrop of our modern decaying world, the song paints a vivid picture of friends seeking solace and celebration at the beach.


Listeners are invited to experience the freedom of abandoning worries, basking in the sun, and cherishing their commiserates. The song is a reminder that amidst chaos, there’s an innate human inclination to find meaning in togetherness and to create lasting memories, even in the darkest of circumstances. “You know how exciting it is when Summer hits and you get to go to the beach? Imagine it’s your last time…ever. That’s the vibe of ‘END TIMES,’” Easton says of his new single. “Honestly, this world is fucked. Let’s be real. I just wanna get fucked up and dance at the beach. Easily the mood board for this song.” Meet Easton, an LA-based multi-talented artist who sees the world in technicolor.


As a photographer and visual artist, he captures everyday beauty and romance. With his musical career, Ones To Watch aptly described him as “everything that conceptual, thoughtful and playfully-orchestrated indie-pop should be.” In his “day job,” Easton works with A-list talent, earning a coveted ’10/10 would recommend’ rating for his stunning photos and creative direction. When he isn’t behind the camera, his superpower is an enchanting falsetto and an innate ability to perceive his surroundings in twisted yet beautiful ways.


This little gift has been honed from an early age, singing with his dad, a seasoned country artist, harmonizing with an award-winning acapella jazz group, and writing lyrics between shoots.

In 2018, he self-released a passion project – his debut single “Blue Love.” The song amassed over two million streams alongside industry praise, setting Easton on a new creative pursuit, later releasing an EP and two more singles “Can’t Help But Check My Phone” and “Night & Day.” His latest endeavor, set to be released on 9/15 is an end-of-summer pop punk / alt rock anthem titled “End Times.” This latest track combines pop punk sounds of New Found Glory and Good Charlotte with the indie magic of MUNA and Bleachers. The message is one every extroverted realist needs… “the whole world clocked out early,” but you can still have a big ol’ beach party with your buds.


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