Empire Fall “Losing It”
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Empire Fall “Losing It”

Virtual trio Empire Fall has released their deluxe EP, Abundant Lawless Maelstrom (Muscled Up), featuring five new tracks**.** [Stream via all digital platforms]. Catch them talking about the new single “Losing It” on The Travis Mills Show in the coming weeks.

In discussing “Losing It,” Mads (drums/production) said, “We wanted a song with some super primal 808s and samples in the verse that evolved into a giant pop hook dressed in early 2000s alt rock clothing, pretty much.” Speaking on the lyrics, Mads shared, “Bandit has a pretty heavy family history, and always talks about his fear of losing his mind. These might be my favorite lyrics of his, maybe because I relate to them a lot. I think we can all relate to those moments where it feels like our sanity is slipping away.”

Frontman Bandit (vocals/production) added, “That’s one of the reasons I keep such a strict life regimen. I feel like I’m always an inch away from going completely crazy, so I keep my life as balanced as I can to avoid it. I wanted to exercise these demons with ‘Losing It.’”

The Abundant Lawless Maelstrom (Muscled Up) Deluxe EP includes five new tracks following their recent EP, Abundant Lawless Maelstrom which was released on August 3, 2023.

The trio’s fresh, genre-bending sound is reminiscent of Linkin Park’s metal/pop blend bridging the rage of Bring Me The Horizon with Illenium’s ability to fuse electro and rock sounds and Dorian Electra’s experimental production.

When Empire Fall sat down to write a couple of songs for what was gonna be the deluxe edition, they couldn’t stop writing. “Bandit is always going through something… Which is good for us I guess!” says Vera (Guitars/Production). “The end result is pretty much a double EP, with 5 new brand new songs added to the original 5.”

“We wanted to get even more real with the lyrics, more refined with our sonics. We’re figuring out who we are as artists more and more” says lead singer Bandit. “This makes us bolder. We love so many types of music and couldn’t care less about genres and gatekeeping. Anything that limits our creativity has no place in the studio.”

The result of Abundant Lawless Maelstrom (Muscled Up) is a unique blend of visceral lyrics, huge melodies, down-tuned guitars, crushing drums, and underground production techniques with the occasional death growl.

In discussing the name of the EP, Bandit is kind of a workout fiend. “It helps me stay sane,” he said. “Muscle-ups are the ultimate strength test and since this ‘double EP’ is basically a bulked up, lean, mean expansion of the original EP, I thought it sounded appropriate to call it that. And original, too.”

Empire Fall is an all-manga/anime band from the mega-city of Elderise. Fully embracing the path blazed by earthly icons such as Gorillaz, the band members, Bandit (vocals, programming), Vera (guitars, keyboards, programming) and Mads (Drums, programming) are all in their early 20s. Their sound is bold – an explosive mix of Hyperpop, Metal, and Electronic music.

The megacity of Elderise is an overdeveloped, overpopulated, over-exploited cluster of giant buildings. The richer you are the higher you live. At the very bottom of it all are The Slums. That’s where the members of Empire Fall, Bandit, Vera, and Mads, met.

The Slums are awakening. It’s only the beginning.

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