Evan Effres “Second To None”
man sitting on a fence in the countryside playing guitar

Evan Effres “Second To None”

Evan Effres is a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer from the Los Angeles area whose intimate lyrics and melodic compositions have captured the hearts of listeners throughout the world.

Having first picked up a guitar at the age of 10, Evan quickly joined his first band and started performing at local venues such as the Cobalt Café. As a teenager, Evan was introduced to artists such as Built to Spill, Pavement, Wilco, the Flaming Lips, and Elliott Smith by his older brother Justin.

It was these artists, as well as The Beatles, Neil Young, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan, that changed Evan’s perception of what songwriting could be and continue to inspire him throughout his musical journey. In high school, Evan consistently performed and released music with his band and continued to learn the intricacies of guitar while playing in his high school’s jazz band.

At UC Santa Barbara as a Psychology Major and Music Minor, Evan furthered his musical education by taking music theory and ethnomusicology classes, joining the UCSB jazz band, learning digital production skills, and starting new indie rock bands with like-minded classmates.

However, it was in the UCSB dorms that Evan first started writing, recording, and performing his intimate acoustic songs. Several of the songs that Evan wrote in college, including “Start Over New,” “White Seasons,” and “Miles Alone” (performed by his current band Night Market) have been featured on the network television shows Manifest, A Million Little Things, and The Mysteries of Laura. After college, Evan continued to write and record while attending Loyola Law School, releasing his first full-length album Set in Motion in 2015 and, after practicing law for several years, decided to pursue music full time as a songwriter, producer, and composer.

Evan strives to create songs that are personal yet relatable, using vivid imagery to not only tell stories, but to evoke powerful and sometimes heartbreaking emotions and feelings. His music continues to be influenced by his favorite artists, with his latest full-length album Undertones reminiscent of the styles of Elliott Smith and Jack Johnson.

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