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two men standing outside on a cloudy day
SOLAR EYES "(At Least)Paranoia Loves You"
With their eagerly anticipated debut album finally out today - SOLAR EYES - tease one of its most incendiary...
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band standing in a dark room
Horizon Theory "Nowhere to Go"
Horizon Theory, the Michigan-based hard rock band, has released their latest single "NOWHERE TO GO".
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woman wearing a black veil eating an apple
Magana "Afraid of Everybody"
Magana has announced ‘Teeth,’ her second album, which will be released on March 25th (to coincide with...
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man mixing music as a DJ
Ivofonic "Same Old"
Ivofonic is musical brainchild of Ivano Abram, a multifaceted musician and producer based in Melbourne,...
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Diana McGrane "Can I See Your Lovely?"
Diana McGrane is a songwriter based in the Los Angeles area and the daughter of a Golden Gloves Light...
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woman wearing dark sunglasses
Taylor D "Can't Say I Love You"
Back with another single on the back of last years 'Fan Girl' EP Release, Taylor D is set to release...
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4 band members standing in front of a white wall
F.O.D. "A Thousand Shots"
Belgian Punk kings F.O.D. have released the new single "A Thousand Shots" off their upcoming 6th album...
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woman looking in the mirror
Rachel Grae "Enough of Me"
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two men sitting on outside stairs
Polevaulter "Pissed In The Baths"
Leeds based militant dance-punk duo Polevaulter dropped their debut album ‘Hang Wave’ on Friday 26th...
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4 band members standing outside a building
States of Nature "Papered News"
Oakland's States of Nature are back with another post-punk number from their soon-to-be released album...
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man in front of a red curtain
Quarry "Wild New Start"
The enigmatic indie rock artist QUARRY is poised to release a new four-song EP titled "RENAISSANCE" on...
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man itching his head
James Clarke Five "Gadfly Groove"
UK indie rock artist James Clarke Five presents the new single 'Gadfly Groove', previewing the album...
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woman wearing a white dress
EMMI IIDA unveiled her latest single ‘Higher Self’ on the 1st of February via EFG Records Oy.
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boy in a chair wearing a space suit
HEALER "Wake Me Up"
HEALER are a band that let their music do their talking and they have one simple message–they refuse...
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two women wearing red dresses
Charm of Finches "Clean Cut"
Australian sister duo Charm of Finches delivers intricate folk-pop that is simultaneously graceful and...
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woman sitting in a field holding flowers
Nadine Finsterbusch "You Make Me Forget"
With her upcoming album MY SPACE she wants to make room and take space. For an impetuous feeling of youth,...
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man wearing a cowboy hat
Chris Chitsey "Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy"
Native Texan, Chris Chitsey, made a name for himself on the competitive, Texas honky-tonk.
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man standing next to a woman
Tulipomania "Shines On"
Tulipomania presents 'Shines On', the latest animated audio-visual exploration from the Philadelphia-based...
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