Fe Salomon “Super Human”
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Fe Salomon “Super Human”

Fe Salomon is a singer-songwriter, performer and producer, currently based in the East Midlands. Born in Northampton, Salomon moved to London where she cut her teeth on the bustling stages of the Camden music scene. Developing her act in the capital for over 13 years, it was there that Salomon honed her idiosyncratic sonic stylings from its melting pot of influences and began to percolate ideas for a solo career.

Finding a kindred creative spirit in producer and contemporary classical composer Johnny Parry, together the pair have been working on Salomon’s upcoming debut ‘Living Rooms’. A record which will tell stories of multiple lives lived and lost in the city, of friendships that meant everything and the characters you’ll never meet again, of transience and loneliness, and of getting by and moving on; it promises to be every bit as enrapturing and enigmatic as the artist at its core.

Promising a full-blooded debut of rich, playful, experimental pop with distinct, exuberant and fulfilling depths, listeners can indulge in its first offerings: “Super Human” and “Wired On Caffeine” from 25th January 2022.

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