Fox Violet “Torn”
woman in a long dress dancing in front of a purple backgrop

Fox Violet “Torn”

London-born, LA-based dreamy, alt/rock act Fox Violet blends ambient, ethereal vibes with dark pop rock hooks and soulful vocals that pack a dissonant punch on her new soulful video “Torn,” from the forthcoming album, Prisms, due out this Fall.

Central songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, Thea Juliette, reveals, “The record is a kaleidoscope; a re-interpretation of my subconscious. Each song examines disparate aspects of a relationship break down. A soul mate breakdown. It’s like I’m on a train and each stop is a different song, a different part of the story, and I’m looking out at myself but I can’t reach her. It’s an out of body experience. It is a culmination of many relationships in my life including the difficult relationship I have with myself. I was rootless and homeless for a period of time and this underpins everything too. I’m inspired by how loss changes us.”

“Stevenson’s vocals ache, thick with emotion and heartbreak as she explores universal pain. While less propulsive and hook-filled than their previous single, Fox Violet’s latest effort cuts deep, exposing a fragile emotional core and a singular poignant power.” (Under the Radar).

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