friend slash lover “2 Unaware “
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friend slash lover “2 Unaware “

After a seven-year hiatus, LA-based, Indie Rock/Electronic project friend slash lover announces his fresh new single, “2 Unaware, ” off his new concept EP, Mugged on Memory Lane slated for release September 24, 2021.”The song is a vulnerable, indie rock track with an intimate vocal performance and eerie sound/dreamscapes, with heartfelt lyrics that will directly head for your soul…Powerful, emotive and straightforward indie music at its finest!” (Last Day Deaf)The album explores the protagonist’s feelings of displacement and disillusionment in Los Angeles. An artist drawing inspiration from their city is nothing new, but Hollywood is much more than just a city. It is a purveyor of culture worldwide, so the themes explored here are relatable to people everywhere. MOML is a love letter to Hollywood, and also a critique. At times, funny, sarcastic and dark, but like all good Hollywood narratives, it has a character arc with highs and lows, and lessons learned.

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