GEARS “Thanks For the Misery”

Trip Sixx [vocals], Jimmy Wooten [drums], and Josh Rout [bass] release their new single/video “THANKS FOR THE MISERY”


Thanks for the Misery,” is a powerful and introspective song that captures the layers of emotions through the strength found in the guitar work that bleeds heartbreak, but in the deliberate beat of drum work, you realize the moment of self-reflection. Lyrically the words dive deep, there is a clear expression found even in the beat, melody, and rhythm. The enabling tone of the vocals mirrors the emotional journey of healing and finding strength through burdensome struggles. You will find the undeniable message of release. “Thanks for the Misery” serves unequivocally as a metaphor for emotions gushing forth like an unlocked damn – a full torrent ride, and a hard rock anthem that pushes forward.


From Billboard to Octane – Gears music instinctively populates both fresh and familiar thusly satisfying their close listeners and enticing the new ears to belong to Gears.


“Thanks for the Misery” is a heartfelt and introspective song that delves into the pain and aftermath of a broken relationship. The lyrics express a mix of hurt, frustration, and resilience, capturing the emotional journey of healing and self-reflection. The somber yet empowering tone of the song reflects the complex emotions associated with letting go and finding strength amidst heartbreak. Ultimately, it serves as a cathartic anthem for moving forward and embracing personal growth, while acknowledging the lessons learned from the past.”

  • Tripp Sixx – GEARS


GEARS Video by: JT Ibanez Release Date: July 21, 2023,

Performed by: GEARS

Engineered by: Chris Dawson

Produced by: Chris Dawson Co-Produced by: Jimmy Beattie

Mixed by: Chris Dawson at Aphotic Studios

Mastered by: Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering

Rock needs reinvention. It only moves forward when a band pushes it to do so. Enter: GEARS. Finding a sweet spot between metal, R&B, hip-hop, and alternative, the Miami, FL group—Jimmy Wooten [drums] and Tripp Sixx [vocals]—zigs and zags past all expectations and burns down one convention after another in the process. Racking up hundreds of thousands of streams and views, collaborating with everyone from members of Living Colour to Sevendust, and receiving plugs from Metal Insider and more, they usher in a new era of rock with a series of singles and their forthcoming independent debut album.


“There’s something for everyone,” observes Jimmy. “It’s heavy. It’s soulful. It’s melodic. The band’s versatility is our strength. We’ll bring R&B and hip-hop into rock, but we’re doing it in our own tight and cohesive way.” GEARS initially began to grind back in 2014. New York native Tripp wound up in Florida and met fellow Northeast transplant, Jimmy. Bonding over shared influences such as Prince, Alice In Chains, Deftones, and more, they carefully carved out a singular style. After playing countless shows and dropping the Pride Comes Before the Fall EP in 2015, the band teamed up with Sevendust vocalist Lajon Witherspoon on “Tango Yankee.” Meanwhile, Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery contributed guitar to the latter as well as to the singles “Stronger Than Pain” and “King.” They also collaborated with the likes of Corey Lowery [Seether] and Troy McLawhorn [Evanescence] in addition to dueting with legendary Living Colour frontman Corey Glover on a cover of the classic “Cult of Personality.”


Along the way, they crossed paths with producer Chris Dawson [SAUL, Any Given Sin, Seasons After] and found the perfect production partner. Hitting the studio in 2020, they immediately uncovered undeniable creative chemistry. “It just hit,” adds Trip. “It came together really quickly, and we clicked with Dawson on all fronts.” With Dawson behind the board, they completed their 2021 single “Wasteland”. Airy electronics give way to head-nodding drums and chugging guitars on the track. Trip’s soulful cadence twists and turns through the beats before culminating in the catchy chorus, “Save me, locked in a cage, and I can’t get out.” “It’s about being trapped in a mindset you don’t see any way out of,” the frontman states.


“It encompasses a lot of things,” Jimmy elaborates. “It’s easy to become trapped in continuous circles in life where you’re doing the same things over and over again. As a band, you have to reach outside of the box, work with someone new, try something different, and change the sound. Following the Pandemic, it’s like a rebirth for GEARS in a weird way, so we decided to push the envelope.”


Gears single “Wasteland” went on to achieve even greater heights as “Wasteland” hit the Top 20 Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator and Top 50 Mediabase Active Rock. They won’t stop pushing the envelope either. For as much as Gears urge rock to evolve, they elicit a classic reaction. “When you leave a concert, we want you to feel like it was worth it,” Trip leaves off. “We want you to bop, jump, yell, scream, and do it all. We try to give listeners this gratification.” “We hit you with as many emotions as possible,” agrees Jimmy. “Maybe a song will affect you and connect on a deeper level—or you’ll be able to bounce to it simply. This is meant to spark a physical and emotional reaction.”


And Gears continues to take their listeners with them as their last single “Don’t Want To Say Goodbye” was placed on Octane TEST Drive and with the culmination was a successful shift forward. The way was clear and the opportunities boundlessly continued to develop as Gears on 8/5 released “Good Enough” and radio rotation was heavy. “Good Enough” was also in the Top 50 Mediabase and Top 20 Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator. Having finished out 2022 Gears wanted to give their fans a wrap-up of appreciation for all their support and blaze into 2023 with “Lost Again”. Now they bring their listeners two solid singles into 2023 with “Fix What’s Broken”, “ALL OR NOTHING”, and now “Thanks For The Misery”.


Touring is on the horizon along with more GEARS music – so be ready!


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