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AlternativeRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 88SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

The Burma “Live in Lisdoonvarna”

(Artist Bio) | April 27, 2023 Black-tie Indie Rock triplet The Burma released their new performance video, ‘Live in Lisdoonvarna’, via The Burma Music Group. Filmed and edited by Ciara O’Toole, the video performance sees the band showcasing 4 tracks from their recently released debut album, Sucker For Stars. The set includes ‘Hard To Say’, […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Shadow Smile “Hellbound Heart”

(Artist Bio) | April 24, 2023

‘Hellbound Heart’ is the hard hitting new single from Sheffield (UK) metal outfit Shadow Smile. Exploring the subject of ‘Lust’ – this potently hook-fuelled track is the second installment from band’s eagerly anticipated ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ themed debut album ‘Signed In Blood’. Want to know more about the ‘Legend Of The Shadow Smile […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 87SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Blacklist Union “The Queen Of Everything”

(Artist Bio) | April 19, 2023 Hard Rock band BLACKLIST UNION has returned with the official music video for their new single, “The Queen Of Everything”! Filmed and directed by Thomas Crane Kill Devil Films, “The Queen Of Everything” is the first single off of the band’s upcoming fifth album, Letters from the Psych Ward*, […]

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AlternativeRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 87SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

King Falcon “Cadillac”

(Artist Bio) | April 19, 2023 Queens, New York based rock outfit King Falcon have released their new song ‘Cadillac’. Melding indie-rock adventurousness with Classic Rock swagger, King Falcon’s ultra-catchy songwriting recalls artists like Black Keys, Cage The Elephant, Tame Impala, The Killers, Royal Blood, and Beck. ‘Cadillac’ was produced by Marshall Altman (Citizen Cope, […]

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AlternativePopRockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

FREYA BEER “Fantasy”

(Artist Bio) | April 18, 2023 Goth-pop priestess – FREYA BEER – is back with an invigorating AA-side release: “Fantasy” // “Galore”. Her first new music of 2023, the “Fantasy” // “Galore” AA-side single arrives as Freya begins to etch out the successor to her acclaimed debut album ‘Beast’. Toying with that which tempts us […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | April 17, 2023 INDIE ROCK BAND, RIVERSEND, RELEASE THEIR NEW SINGLE/VIDEO: “PHANTOM”. The duo of Riversend is more than just an ebb and flow sound, the two artists bring together a breath-taking movement that stirs memories and evokes gentler shades and tones. Their latest release, “Phantom” skillfully showcases the haunting vocals of […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 86SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Pet Needs feat. Bridget “The Argument”

(Artist Bio) | April 14, 2023

A fiery and furious back-and-forth that sees PET NEEDS joined by collaborator Bridget, “The Argument” is a highly charged track about a relationship spiralling out of control. Brimming with the band’s usual brand of frenzied alt-rock and zany humour, frontman Johnny explains: “After playing a show with Bridget and hearing […]

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PopRockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Shout London “Admit It”

(Artist Bio) | April 14, 2023

Following on from the release of the addictive “White Noise”, pop-punk project Shout London has just released the very catchy and energetic “Admit It”! With its gritty vocals, hard-hitting guitar riffs, and infectious energy, the track is a fiery anthem for anyone who’s ever felt misunderstood or out of place […]

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AlternativeRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 85SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Howl”

(Artist Bio) | April 5, 2023

As they gear up to release their new ‘Heaving’ LP, Berlin-based Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys has joined with Metropolis Records for North America distribution as a result of a partnership agreement with Europe-based Unique Records, a division of Schubert Music Europe. Uniquely merging moody art pop, dark folk and delightful ambient […]

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AlternativeRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 84SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

The Pearl Harts “Hypocritical”

(Artist Bio) | March 30, 2023

SE London rock duo – THE PEARL HARTS – have unleashed “Hypocritical”, the second single to be taken from their awaited second album ‘Love, Chaos’ (out 21 April, via Double Bang Records). Blending amped-up punk motifs with booming alt-pop stylings, “Hypocritical” sees the two-piece challenging the perceptions of what it […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

GEARS “Fix What’s Broken”

(Artist Bio) | March 29, 2023

There is something in the flavor of GEARS music that speaks an emotional anecdote of hard rock with a danceable edge. The combination of Trip and Jimmy are incomparably tight-fitting. Together they are the puzzle pieces that mesmerize and latch onto your soul. Trip’s vocals carry a forbidden nuance, add this […]

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AlternativeRockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

The K’S “Chancer”

(Artist Bio) | March 24, 2023

Warrington indie-rock risers – THE K’S – have unleashed their latest single “Chancer”, as they head out on a UK + Ireland headline tour this March. A feel-good indie-rock track filled with buoyant choruses, a pulsating live-ready energy and danceable rhythms made for the big rooms, “Chancer” sees The K’s […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Fire Follows “Finally Home”

(Artist Bio) | March 23, 2023

Fire Follows brings their fourth and final conclusion to their series with “Finally Home”. Now on tour with Smile Empty Smile, Tantric, and Horizon Theory Chris has brought the talents of Ryan Milan (Lead Guitar), Emily Gould (Drums), and Sharon Kus (Rhythm Guitar) together to perform and bring their listeners […]

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AlternativeFast Track Of The DayRock


(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2023

Responding to popular demand, atmospheric Indie rockers The Institutes release an updated version of fan favourite “INSIDE OUT” – rebooted with a new mix and strings arrangement, to celebrate the release of a stunning re-pressing of their debut album ‘COLOSSEUMS’, which will be available as a beautiful 180g heavyweight ‘splatter’ […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Brutal Youth “Moonstones”

(Artist Bio) | March 14, 2023

Toronto’s masters of melodic hardcore, Brutal Youth, have just announced the release  of their anticipated new LP Rebuilding Year (due out April 21st on Stomp Records) with an advance single and video for the song Moonstones. The single calls to mind late 80’s and early 90’s West Coast punk, with […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Intrepid Bloom “Missing Link”

(Artist Bio) | March 14, 2023

Hard rock artist INTREPID BLOOM has concluded the lead-up to his sophomore EP with a striking official visualizer for the title-track, “Missing Link”. Blending surreal lyrics and imagery with a heavy, spaced-out song. “Missing Link” expertly creates an immersive auditory experience, showcasing all of the brilliant elements brought together in […]

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AlternativeRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 82SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Kid Prexy “In My Head”

(Artist Bio) | March 13, 2023

New single and video from alt rock meets pop punk artist and multi-instrumentalist Kid Prexy, Entitled “In My Head”. The song was produced by Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum Producer Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft (Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly). “In My Head” starts as a slow, acoustic build with saccharine vocals that reflect […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 81SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Michael Alan “Road To Glory”

(Artist Bio) | March 9, 2023

Following it’s dark atmospheric and eastern flavoured introduction, Road To Glory, the new single from Leeds (UK) Michael Alan, soon transcends into a euphoric journey of soulful guitar-driven melodic rock. With its underlying theme of striving to achieve your dreams despite adversity, the track flows with Michael’s focus on enchanting melody lines […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Mom Rock “Bullseye”

(Artist Bio) | March 9, 2023

Canadian-American indie rock outfit Mom Rock, are “ one of the most eclectic bands in the alternative scene right now, so it’s no surprise that they’re exemplary for ’80s-derived influence. The group brings nostalgia from multiple angles, scratching both those power-pop and rock itches simultaneously. “ (Alternative Press) Making waves […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Anastasia Elliot “Bones”

(Artist Bio) | March 7, 2023

Born to the purple: Purple is the color of imagination and creativity and is associated with the transformation of the soul. Purple is bold, unique, independent, and introspective. Purple is a way of life. Embodying these qualities, purple- haired rock goddess Anastasia Elliot is a trailblazer in the Indie Art […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Elk City “Don’t You Wanna Try”

(Artist Bio) | March 3, 2023

Art pop band Elk City offers their latest audio-visual delight ‘Don’t You Wanna Try’, an anti-anthem for anyone living outside of societal norms. This is a stunning slice of what is on offer on their recently released ‘Above The Water’ album, out now via Magic Door Record Label. This follows ‘Floating […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Regent “Let Me In”

(Artist Bio) | March 3, 2023

Leading the charge with new track “Let Me In”, Southampton rockers Regent are bringing a beacon of hope into 2023 with inspiriting EP ‘Believe’. Showing a more mellowed and melodic side to the band without compromising on their characteristic Britpop-tinted sound, “Let Me In” sees jangling percussion, rousing vocals and […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

The Wans “Magical Touch”

(Artist Bio) | February 28, 2023

The Wans announce their title track/video via American Songwriter from their upcoming LP Magical Touch, to be released July 26, 2023, exactly 11 years to the date of their first release.  Described as sounding  “like The Stooges having a baby with Stone Temple Pilots” by Classic Rock Magazine,  the group […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 79SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Withered Hand “Waking Up”

(Artist Bio) | February 23, 2023

UK indie rock troubadour Withered Hand presents his uplifting new single ‘Waking Up’, released on February 14 via Reveal Records, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The accompanying video was filmed on location in Portobello, Edinburgh by Juliana Capes. Withered Hand is the nom de plume of Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Dan Willson, […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

M’lasse “Le Navire Chavire”

(Artist Bio) | February 23, 2023

Named after Montreal’s now disappeared “Faubourg à M’lasse” neighborhood, Montreal trio M’lasse came about when Amer El-Balaa (guitar/vocals) answered an online ad by childhood friends Antony Plante (vocals/bass) and Steve Clairmont (drums) in search of a guitarist. Packing in 7 songs in 22 minutes, the band’s self-produced and self-titled debut […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

The Noise Who Runs “Beautiful Perhaps”

(Artist Bio) | February 22, 2023

UK-France electronic rock duo The Noise Who Runs presents ‘Beautiful Perhaps’, the anthemic first track from their imminent ‘Preteretrospective’ LP, scheduled for release on April 7. This follows ‘These Will Be Your Gods’ EP, released in January, and ‘High Time in Lo-Fi’, their third EP released in mid-2022. The Noise Who Runs is […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Quiz Show “Sound of Kissing”

(Artist Bio) | February 21, 2023

American indie rock trio Quiz Show – involving members of legendary DC alternative rock band Shudder To Think, Guided By Voices and The Dambuilders – has released their new single ‘Sound of Kissing’, a powerhouse preview of their their eponymous debut album, due out March 17 via Montclair, NJ-based Magic Door Record […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Friendly Rich “Killdozer”

(Artist Bio) | February 15, 2023

Friendly Rich, Canada’s legendary songsmith of dark and deranged folk songs, has just announced his highly anticipated new LP Man Out of Time (due out March 31st on We Are Busy Bodies) with an advance single and video for the song Killdozer. The raw and droning tune features Tom Juhas […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

THE GULPS “Mirror Mirror”

(Artist Bio) | February 8, 2023

Dropping like a disintegrating disco ball hanging by its final thread, the latest from the London-based renegades is ready to divide and ignite dance floors in one fell swoop. Glittering and guttural in its multiple guises, “Mirror Mirror” is a shapeshifting indie-rock cut that reflects the slick indie stylistics of […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Cory M. Coons “Trail Of The Chosen One”

(Artist Bio) | February 8, 2023

Cory M. Coons is a highly decorated Canadian singer and songwriter, from Ottawa, Ontario. With an immense discography, including several international iTunes chart-toppers, Cory has collaborated with notable musicians and platinum-selling producers over the years. Closing off 2022 with a prominent Christmas single, a song featuring a vocal from his […]

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AlternativeFast Track Of The DayRock

Chaidura “With You”

(Artist Bio) | February 1, 2023

London based, alternative rock artist CHAIDURA has released the official music video for his newest single, “With You.” Written & performed by the artist, “With You” was directed by CLARE CHONG. Sonically, with you is a blend of electronic, emo and metal compiled into one unique product. The song begins […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

REGENT “She Checks My Head”

(Artist Bio) | January 30, 2023

Set to start the new year off with a bang, Southampton-based rock’n’roll four-piece REGENT have released their new single “She Checks My Head”. The track arrives as the second single taken from their new EP ‘Believe,’ due 10 February 2023. A heady dose of riled-up rock complete with roaring riffs […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 75SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Swim The Current “We Are Not The Same”

(Artist Bio) | January 25, 2023

New Jersey/New York – Tri-State Super Group – Swim The Current have come together to release their next single “WE ARE NOT THE SAME” feat. Marcos Leal of III Nino. Swim the Current is a project founded by guitarist Greg Antine. Antine knew an infusion would be his creation and together with the professional talents of bassist […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

The Almas “Cage”

(Artist Bio) | January 24, 2023

The Almas are an all original touring hard rock band hailing from New Munster, Wisconsin. The band is composed of Crystal Teigland [lead vocalist], Frank Slifka [founding member/lead guitarist], Josh Sukowski [guitarist], and Andrew Ehredt [drums]. Through guitar driven licks, road dog attitudes, and a high energy, professional live performance, […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 74SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Shadow Smile “SIGNED IN BLOOD”

(Artist Bio) | January 20, 2023

Sheffield’s rising stars of Alternative Metal ‘Shadow Smile’ return with their new single ‘Signed In Blood’.  This is the title track from their crowdfunded debut album expected to be released in coming months. Produced by Daniel Jeffery and Mixed by _James Pinder _(The Wildhearts, While She Sleeps, Malevolence) at Treehouse Studios (UK), […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Darren Michael Boyd “Misty Mundae”

(Artist Bio) | January 19, 2023

Darren Michael Boyd has toured and recorded with a variety of artists, such as Black Ju-Ju, Creeping Beauty, and Famous Underground (featuring Juno award-winning vocalist Nicholas Walsh). He was invited multiple occasions to privately audition for platinum-selling artist Fefe Dobson, and asked to write songs for Alice Cooper’s daughter Calico […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 74SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Sarantos “Somethin’ to Believe In”

(Artist Bio) | January 17, 2023

Sarantosis a highly innovative and inspiring Chicago-based musician with an impressive body of work.  His latest album, “A Spoonful of Greece” has enjoyed more than 175K Spotify streams, earning multiple iTunes sales chart hits. The enigmatic singer-songwriter and musician has now released his first single and video for 2023, an […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Fire Follows “Say Words”

(Artist Bio) | January 17, 2023

Fire Follows’ newest single “SAY WORDS” is a follow-up to Fire Follows prior releases “Shedding This Skin” and “The Puppeteer”. Artist Chris Watt, the founder of Fire Follows, has been working diligently on a project that brings a sound in full round. Every single release is building on top of […]

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AlternativeRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 74SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

modernlove. “Ruin Your Night”

(Artist Bio) | January 16, 2023

modernlove. are wasting no time in 2023. Picking up exactly where they left off after an unbelievable 2022, the Irish indie-pop-rockers release their explosive new single ‘Ruin Your Night’. With a raucous video featuring footage from their sold-out debut headline tour of the UK, modernlove. continue to build a highly-engaged […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Like Savages “Dismantle Me”

(Artist Bio) | January 12, 2023

Hard, Heavy, Loud and unrelenting, Like Savages blends melody and mayhem. Featuring poignant lyrics and incendiary songwriting, this independent band is making some serious noise in the Northeast. -Official bio Watch our latest “Short Cuts” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES

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AlternativeFast Track Of The DayRock

Netty Rose “Riled Child”

(Artist Bio) | January 10, 2023

Talent truly runs deep in indie alt/blues band, Netty Rose. Comprised of twins, vocalist Annette (Netty) and bassist Rudy Coviello, Netty Rose are a  collective writing process between the pair. The group are now welcoming their single/video “Riled Child” via Wonderland Magazine ahead of their EP Beautiful Things,** due out February 10, 2023**.Once […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Fear Not “Riptide”

(Artist Bio) | January 8, 2023

This one does not need much of an introduction. This brand new album dropped in July of 2022 and we could not keep it on the shelves. Ultimately early pressings have all sold out and we would receive request after request through the holidays for people wanting this CD version […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Fortune Child “All I Wanna Know”

(Artist Bio) | January 7, 2023

Jacksonville, FL based Rock band FORTUNE CHILD has revealed the official music video for their newest single, “All I Wanna Know.” Imbued with classic guitar licks and an infectious groove, “All I Wanna Know” was mixed / engineered by **Ben McLeod **(All Them Witches). “All I Wanna Know” is the […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Tubefreeks “The Casualty”

(Artist Bio) | January 5, 2023

Hard Rock / Groove Metal band Tubefreeks is back with their 4th studio album Unhinged. The driving, riff-oriented songs feature raging drums, melodic yet aggressive vocals, and whaling guitar solos. The music is hyped, heavy, and relentlessly comes at you. Singer / bassist Paul van Valkenburgh fronts the band and […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Incognito Theory “Gravesland”

(Artist Bio) | January 4, 2023

Incognito Theory was formed in 2009 by lead singer lyricist and founder Dave Incognito. Incognito Theory have set the bar high to bring their unique blend of crossover hard rock southern groove metal. Fast-forwarding and moving forward from the older sound, with the help of producer, Steve Zing bassist of […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Intrepid Bloom “No Turning Back”

(Artist Bio) | December 17, 2022

Heavy rock artist INTREPID BLOOM has released the official lyric video for “No Turning Back,” the fourth single off of the artist’s upcoming sophomore album, Missing Link, set to release March 10, 2023 via WURMgroup. “No Turning Back is a fast-paced blend of hard rock and electronic about anticipation and […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | December 16, 2022

The first single of a brand new EP, Southampton rockers REGENT have unleashed “The Thunder”. Hot on the heels of their debut album ‘Just A Revolution’, released earlier this year, rock’n’roll four-piece Regent have returned with the tempestuous new single “The Thunder”.  Arriving as the first of two new singles […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Rob Munk “Slumber”

(Artist Bio) | December 15, 2022

American indie rocker Rob Munk presents ‘Slumber’, the latest offering from his new ‘Phased Out’ LP, a sign of the times, where so many people are challenged to rest and even sleep through the night. “Slumber chronicles the challenge of trying to find rest in a time of unrest, peace when […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Electron “Wake Up!”

(Artist Bio) | December 10, 2022

Location: LondonLouder, Faster and Heavier than anything you’ve heard in a long while… The story so far:Electron are the new breed of a an old sound with a twist. Musically and technically amazing, they seriously stand up and can compete with the likes of Satriani, Sabbath and Alter Bridge. To […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Void Comp “Like Flowers”

(Artist Bio) | December 9, 2022

“Like Flowers” is the new single from Canadian artist Void Comp. It is an alternative indie rock song with hazy guitars, crisp acoustic drums and soaring lead synths. The song’s lyrical theme revolves around the pain of unrequited love and the need to move on. “Like Flowers” will be available […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

BERRIES “Spiral”

(Artist Bio) | December 8, 2022

Ascending Garage-rock trio BERRIES will releases the new single “Spiral”. Taken from their debut album ‘How We Function’ (out now via Xtra Mile Recordings), the new release comes ahead of a UK headline run in March 2023, plus a run of Winter shows with Skinny Lister this December. Steeped in […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Fortune Child “Fool Me Once”

(Artist Bio) | December 5, 2022

Jacksonville, FL based Rock band FORTUNE CHILD has unveiled the official lyric video for their new single, “Fool Me Once,” which was engineered and mixed by Ben McLeod (All Them Witches), “Fool Me Once”. “Although ‘Fool Me Once’ was recorded in the studio, it was done live – in one […]

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Post PunkRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 69SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists


(Artist Bio) | December 5, 2022

Chicago-based alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate presents ‘Beacons’, the second single from single from the band’s ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, scheduled for release in April 2023 via Nexilis Records / Schubert Music Europe and Sett Records in North America. The single debuted at #4 in the DAC/German Alternative Charts. ‘Beacons’ exerts its nautical feel in […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Rage Unfold “Mad Money”

(Artist Bio) | December 3, 2022

Rage Unfold tells your story. The raw, the real, the remembered. Rage Unfold are Virtual Metal Creators, spanning 3 countries, Bulgaria, England and Australia. With diverse skill and equal passion, they punch out killer songs. Rage Unfold are, Bozhidar Popov, music, lyrics, guitars; Gary Cubberley, music, drums, organ, recording, mixing […]

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PopRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 68SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Of House “Heart About to Give Out”

(Artist Bio) | December 2, 2022

Of House is Motorik Power/Dream/Indie Pop made in Detroit by Nick Van Huis, Blake Hart, Pat Nolan, Gabe Downey, Mitch Segall, Amanda Van Huis, and friends. Mixing propulsive drums, blended male/female vocals, and dreamy and crunchy guitars, Of House delivers a unique musical experience. -Official bio Watch our latest “Fastracks” […]

man singing on stage
AlternativeFast Track Of The DayRock

Chaidura “Night Forever”

(Artist Bio) | December 2, 2022

With 3 minutes and 36 seconds in length, “Night Forever” is the latest release by London-based, alternative rock artist Chaidura, which masterfully presents the act’s capability to create and develop emotional and affectionate soundscapes in an uniquely alternative manner! Being one of the softest tracks in Chaidura’s discography, pleasantly showcasing […]

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RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | November 28, 2022

Singer-songwriter TOM JENKINS releases his new album ‘It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky’, alongside its spectacular title-track.  Hitting the shelves today (25 November), ‘‘It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky’ is the singer-songwriter’s follow-up to 2019 solo debut ‘Misery In Comfort’. […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

Mellor “Meet Me By The Ocean”

(Artist Bio) | November 26, 2022

Fearless UK band Mellor has shared a live performance video of their previously released single ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’, which is taken from their recently released debut album Problematic Passions via Triple B Records. Notably, the video was premiered by Substream Magazine. A growing rock force in the UK, […]

band members standing next to each other hugging
RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 67SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Gramercy Arms “Yesterday’s Girl”

(Artist Bio) | November 24, 2022

NYC-based indie rock / powerpop outfit Gramercy Arms presents their Americana-tinged single ‘Yesterday’s Girl’, a bittersweet remembrance of love lost and friendship regained. This is the first taste of their ‘Deleted Scene’ album, scheduled for release via Montclair, NJ-based Magic Door Record Label in early 2023, Co-written by Gramercy Arms frontman Dave Derby […]

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PopRockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | November 23, 2022

New York City-based duo – LAVEDA – offer another glimpse into their glimmering second album with new single: “F***”. A windows down, wind-in-your-hair, late night drive-worthy track, “F***” sees Laveda perfecting their ansty and ethereal brand of dream-pop while tapping into the agitations and anxieties of young adulthood. Blending chiffon […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPopRock

Harrison Ash “Cross the Line”

(Artist Bio) | November 23, 2022

For this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, music has always been his primary focus. If Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig were to cross paths with early work from Phoenix, the vibes of Spoon, and a dash of vocals from the Arctic Monkeys, it might paint a picture of Harrison Ash’s sound. His upcoming project […]

artist rendering of a man falling from a UFO
RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 67SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Worldwide Panic “Falling Apart”

(Artist Bio) | November 21, 2022

Worldwide panic has toured and shared the stage with Mushroomhead, Flaw, The Convalescence, Gemini Syndrome, Crazy Town, and Smile Empty Soul to name a few!  Fans of Rammstein, Disturbed, and Rob Zombie will not be disappointed!    WorldWide Panic is sponsored by Schecter Guitars, EMG Pickups, Coffin Cases, Dirtbag Clothing, and […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock

These People “Levels”

(Artist Bio) | November 14, 2022

These People is the solo project of Long Beach, NY producer and songwriter TJ Penzone. The project began after his former band Men, Women & Children  (Warner Bros / Reprise Records) disbanded. These People has a constant rotation of musicians, with the songs primarily written, recorded, and produced by Penzone, […]

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Fast Track Of The DayRock


(Artist Bio) | November 12, 2022

West Chicago Metal Industrial project, led by multi-instrumentalist Dave McAnally, DERISION CULT, has joined forces with TMINISTRY’S CHRIS CONNELLY and THE CURE’S REEVES GABRELS on their newest single, “Deaf Blood.” Imagined and written by the band, the animated video for “Deaf Blood” was created by ZYGOSLUKSAS at EMPIRE ANIMATION of […]

band members standing on stairs outside
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

THE ILLICITS “Modern Life”

(Artist Bio) | November 11, 2022

Blackburn four-piece THE ILLICITS are back with their blazing new single “Modern Life”. Fresh off the back of a packed out hometown show earlier this month, and hot on the heels of sensational earlier release “Feel It”, the amped-up new release blisters with live-ready, rollicking rock energy that nods to […]

night sky with a shooting comet
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Sarantos “Comets”

(Artist Bio) | November 11, 2022

Chicago-based singer and songwriter Sarantos has released his latest alternative rock/experimental song “Comets.” Known for the diverse influences in his music, this song is no different. The song combines many genres to introduce a new kind of hybrid-rock sound that is fresh and energetic, yet thought-provoking. Released on November 1st, […]

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THUMPER “Summer Assault”

(Artist Bio) | November 10, 2022

“Summer Assault” sees THUMPER venture into new territory as they release their first brand new offering since their debut album released in 2022. The single comes off the back of their extensive European, UK and Irish tour, including sell out shows in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Dublin’s Whelan’s. The bombastic […]

woman walking downstairs outdoors between two brock buildings
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Netty Rose “Come Back”

(Artist Bio) | November 10, 2022

Talent truly runs deep in indie alt/blues band, Netty Rose. Comprised of twins, vocalist Annette (Netty) and bassist Rudy Coviello, Netty Rose are a collective writing process between the pair. The group are now welcoming their single/video “Come Back” on November 4, 2022, ahead of the upcoming EP Beautiful Things, […]

artist rendering of a skinless body
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Fire Follows “Shedding This Skin”

(Artist Bio) | November 2, 2022

Fire Follows is the passion project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chris Watt. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Chris does all writing and recording at his home studio… or probably more appropriately referred to as a studio home at this point. Since its inception in 2019, Fire Follows has continued morphing and evolving. […]

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RockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 64SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

The Cards I Play “Take My Hand”

(Artist Bio) | November 2, 2022

Being the fourth single off the band’s previously released debut full-length album “Retrograde” (after the outstanding and critically-acclaimed “Run”, “Shades Of Gray” and “When The Suns Collide”), Japanese alternative act The Cards I Play now unleashes the energizing “Take My Hand”! Accompanied by a visual (including a combination of red […]

Three faceless peopel wrapped in dark grey robes
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Broken Side “The Flaw”

(Artist Bio) | October 28, 2022

Broken Side, formed in early 2020, consists of members Jesse Thacker (Guitar/Main Vocals), Jonathan Crawford (Guitar / Backing Vocals), John Wiest (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Skylar Gratz (Bass), and Justin Myers (Drums). An eclectic group with a mashup of rock / metal backgrounds and influences. Broken Side is a melodic […]

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(Artist Bio) | October 27, 2022

WHITECELL–GRAMMY® nominated songwriter, recording engineer and touring guitarist for multi-Gold and Platinum selling band IN THIS MOMENT RANDY WEITZEL–has revealed the masterful horror video comic for his newest single, “Deal with the Devil.” With all visuals and vibrations created by Weitzel himself, “Deal with the Devil” encapsulates all of the […]

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deux furieuses “Our Day Will Come”

(Artist Bio) | October 23, 2022

Arriving at a time where political resistance and insurgence against inequality has never felt so urgent, “Our Day Will Come” blends rousing punk rhythms with a glimmering sense of hope for the future. With blistering electric guitar lines, impending drums that clang like a rallying call for the masses, and […]

man sitting down playing guitar
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Ian Abel Band “Eyes On You”

(Artist Bio) | October 21, 2022

Louisville, KY Based IAN ABEL BAND has unveiled a visually alluring official music video for their newest, mixed genre single, “Eyes on You”. Featuring live footage at the legendary, West Hollywood, CA Troubador, the single was featured on Apple Music’s curated rock playlist, New In Rock. “’Eyes On You’ is […]

band performing on stage
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(Artist Bio) | October 19, 2022

Dearly Departed is a midwest active rock/metalcore band who aims to release songs all the way from melodic hard rock with catchy vocal melodies that’ll get stuck in your head to crushing metalcore with intense story and internal conflict that’s still appealing to the average listener. Doing nothing half-ass, the […]

band members standing next to each other in front of an orange wall
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Mauger “Nr 79”

(Artist Bio) | October 19, 2022

For way too long, Mauger wrote songs just for himself, recorded them on old cassettes, and kept them safe in a box. A trip to Costa Rica, a music studio with jungleview and some lucky shots later, and suddenly a band was shaped. The quartet with Jan, Jakob (both ex-Absynthe […]

band standing in front of a pink backdrop
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Electric High “Cyclone”

(Artist Bio) | October 13, 2022

The Norwegian rock collective Electric High has been quiet for a little while, but the calm before the storm is about to end. Now there’s a raging rock ’n’ roll storm coming from Norway! Cyclone, the new single from Electric High, started streaming Friday, October 7th! You know when you […]

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ioish “What You Need It For”

(Artist Bio) | October 5, 2022

An atmospheric instrumental rocker featuring Meredith Moore on horns, “What You Need It For” is a new track from ioish, the New Delhi-based project of musician Vaibhav Bhutani. The track precedes ioish’s upcoming album, In Waves. One of the first all-instrumental bands in India, ioish’s sound is a mix of […]

banddressed in goth clothing in front of castle door
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Dispel “Flames of Greed”

(Artist Bio) | October 3, 2022

Dark electro-goth collective Dispel presents the single ‘Flames of Greed’, previewing their sophomore conceptual album ‘Inferno’. Based on Dante’s literary masterpiece, it features a song for each layer of sin existing in the infernal realm. On this album, Dispel follows Dante and his guide Virgil down each layer of the […]

man dressed in dark goth clothing standing in a dark room
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The Hate Club “Cursed”

(Artist Bio) | September 29, 2022

Dark Metal artist THE HATE CLUB ( Alex Poe) has released the official music video for “Cursed”! The brutal new track is the first single off of his upcoming, debut LP, and features the artist performing the track live in his native Ukrainian. Directed by Matt Zane (SOCIETY 1) and […]

band members sitting on a couch
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Mellor “Battle Hardened”

(Artist Bio) | September 28, 2022

Lawless UK rock band Mellor released their latest single, ‘Battle Hardened’, on the 16th of September, taken from their forthcoming album, Problematic Passions, which is set to be released on the 11th of November via Triple B Records. Atwood Magazine premiered the single and made Mellor one of Atwood’s 2022 […]

man on the street in a city looking up
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Ronan Conroy “Dark Paradise”

(Artist Bio) | September 28, 2022

Brooklyn-based artist Ronan Conroy presents his new single ‘Dark Paradise’, a clever goth-rock rendition of the Lana Del Rey classic. This is the second taster of his album ‘The Slow Death of the LoveMyth’, complemented by a fascinating video created by NYC artist Hypnodoll and featuring a sword swallowing performance […]

band members standing on a rooftop in a city
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The Illicits “FEEL IT”

(Artist Bio) | September 26, 2022

A riled-up slice of rip-roaring modern rock, “Feel It” sees The Illicits stride back into the spotlight — paying homage to their northern roots while forging their fiery own path. Blending an earworm bluesy riff with the progressive rock’n’roll sound they’ve become known for, the voltaic new cut has the […]

woman on stage singing
Fastracks Ep 60Featured ArtistsRock

REIGN OF Z “Cellophane”

(Artist Bio) | September 24, 2022

Pennsylvania based, dark melodic metal band REIGN OF Z has released the official music video for “Cellophane”! With the the video directed by Tom Flynn, “Cellophane” was produced by Steve Sopchak and Justin Spaulding. “’Cellophane’ is for those who have lost those who have tried to better themselves or level […]

band members standing outside next to a yellow wall
Fastracks Ep 60Featured ArtistsRock

Black Nite Crash “Sugarwave”

(Artist Bio) | September 24, 2022

Seattle-based outfit Black Nite Crash presents ‘Sugarwave’, a high energy single with a driving, melodic take on indie-rock influenced post-punk, the second single from their album ‘Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash’, mixed by longtime collaborator Matt Brown (Trespassers William) and mastered by Adam Straney. Earlier, Black Nite […]

band playing instruments in an empty white room
AlternativeFastracks Ep 59Featured ArtistsRock

All Them Squares “Sleep”

(Artist Bio) | September 13, 2022

Adding more fuel to their musical fire, All Them Squares have released their second single, “Sleep” with an accompanying music video. Following their debut with the song “Crash and Burn”, “Sleep” is another mesh of indie/alternative rock with a driving instrumental background to support passionate vocals alongside meaningful lyrics. All […]

band members sitting in chairs
Fastracks Ep 59Featured ArtistsRock

The Issue “Paradox”

(Artist Bio) | September 13, 2022

Minneapolis, MN rock powerhouse THE ISSUE has revealed the official music video for their new single, “Paradox.” Directed and produced by BRAD MATALA, “Paradox” is the fourth single off of their recently released EP, Wasted Life. Featuring crisp percussion, soaring vocals and harmonies, and driving guitars, Wasted Life goes hard […]

artist rendering of a steel horse
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(Artist Bio) | August 30, 2022

Heavy rock artist INTREPID BLOOM has revealed his newest single, “Dark Horse,” the debut single off of his upcoming EP, Missing Link. Due out March 10, 2023 via WURMgroup, Missing Link flows quickly with short song structures and psychedelic twists. A quick release of hammering drums, blazing rifts, gritty vocals, […]

man standing in the woods with his fists forward
Fastracks Ep 58Featured ArtistsRock

pMad “Sisters”

(Artist Bio) | August 29, 2022

Paul Dillon from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland is solo artist named pMad.Following a path of introspection with a unique view of the world & what we are doing to ourselves and the planet! The special thing is Paul in bands The Suicidal Dufflecoats to The Greeting & now pMad, […]

man standing in front of a solid lightbrown backdrop
Fastracks Ep 58Featured ArtistsRock

Skinner “Dog Daze”

(Artist Bio) | August 29, 2022

24-year-old, DIY slouch rock musician Skinner (Aaron Corcoran) returns with his second single on Faction Records. Another example of his unique new wave, post-punk style, ‘Dog Daze’ is released everywhere Aug 16th. About the song Skinner says “The song was inspired by the movie ‘Dog Day Afternoon’. The main character […]

headshot of a man in front of a green wall
Fastracks Ep 57Featured ArtistsRock

Crocodyle “So Happy”

(Artist Bio) | August 17, 2022

Welcome to the wild, weird, and whimsical world of Crocodyle, your new favorite four-piece out of Nashville. Crocodyle is an alternative rock group in the vein of Arctic Monkeys crossed with Green Day. The joy of performing is their foundation — frontman Huxley Rittman, who grew up in Singapore and […]

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Fastracks Ep 57Featured ArtistsRock

ALYXX “Serenity”

(Artist Bio) | August 17, 2022

Coming in strong halfway through 2022, ALYXX has released yet another powerful single featuring her signature soaring vocals. “Serenity” is haunting both musically and vocally, touching on a topic that most (if not all) listeners can relate to. ALYXX herself states “I’ve experienced burn out more times than I’d like […]

band members standing next to each other
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Me Like Bees “Radio”

(Artist Bio) | August 17, 2022

New single and video from Joplin based indie rock four-piece Me Like Bees. Entitled “Radio” the track features colorful guitar riffs, driving rhythms and an attention-grabbing chorus for an invigorating upbeat indie rock anthem. The band confides on the release, “we often find ourselves in the midst of unpleasant circumstances […]

band members standing next to each other
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Harmless Habit “Swing Low”

(Artist Bio) | August 15, 2022

Columbus, OH based, Heavy Rock band HARMLESS HABIT has revealed their pulse pounding, anthemic new single, “Swing Low.” Produced by frequent collaborator Grammy-nominated producer Taylor Larson, the inspiring new track solidifies the band’s continued trajectory from home town heroes to rock staples. “‘’Swing Low’ is told from the perspective of […]

band performing on stage
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

RiverGhost “Bluebird”

(Artist Bio) | August 15, 2022

Right on time, Riverghost emerges with their fifth single to date; “Bluebird” slows things down from a musical standpoint while expanding the meaning behind their lyrical content. What you’ll notice about Riverghost is that they’re prolific- disciplined with strict consistency making slowing down a non-option. Taking a look back at […]

band members standing next to each other
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

A VOID “5102”

(Artist Bio) | August 10, 2022

London-via-Paris alt-rock trio A VOID return with “5102”, a gripping slice of glam-tinged grunge. Taken from their awaited second album ‘Dissociation’, due 9 September, the discordant new track blends clear and clamouring vocals with steady guitar lines and shadowy drum beats reminiscent of the grunge greats. Drawing influence from the […]

band standing in front of psychadelic wall
Fastracks Ep 56Featured ArtistsRock

The Reed Effect “1973”

(Artist Bio) | August 7, 2022

The story behind “1973” goes like this,” It was during a rehearsal with Chris and Bryan. It started with Chris’s bass line…And I improvised lyrics and one of the first that came out was, ‘haven’t had that since 1973’ so we built the whole song around that…went through different incarnations […]

band members standing next to a wall outside
Fastracks Ep 55Featured ArtistsRock

ON “Underdog”

(Artist Bio) | July 27, 2022

Alternative / indie rockers ON – a trio comprised of Toronto music scene veterans, formerly of popular 90’s outfits Acid Test, Danko Jones and Rocket Science – present their brazen new single ‘Underdog’. This is the first taste of their forthcoming ‘ON’ album to be released on September 20 via […]

ornage circle on a black background
Fastracks Ep 55Featured ArtistsRock

Battle Tapes “If Only”

(Artist Bio) | July 27, 2022

Acclaimed Los Angeles-based Battle Tapes craft electronic rock that blends 80’s electronica and darkwave with the poppiest and most accessible of what Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails have to offer. They are set to release their upcoming single/ video “If Only” from their upcoming album Texture, due out 10/21/22. […]

band members looking at records at a record store
Fastracks Ep 55Featured ArtistsRock

Bourbon House “Resonate”

(Artist Bio) | July 27, 2022

Heavy Blues Rock band BOURBON HOUSE has revealed the official music video for their pulse pounding new single, “Resonate.” Directed and edited by Jocelyne Berumen, and filmed at the historic Henry Miller House in Wausau, WI, “Resonate” is the first of 5 songs to be released through December, 2022. “We’re […]

band members sitting on the floor afgainst a wal
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(Artist Bio) | July 15, 2022

As their second studio album inches into sight, BANDAID BRIGADE release a fresh taster of what to expect with: “Perfect”. The latest sneak-peak into the band’s forthcoming second album Sex Is Terrifying (out 26 August, via Xtra Mile Recordings), new single “Perfect” is a stomping, glam-rock tinted, feel-good anthem just […]

Man standing behind a microphone
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(Artist Bio) | July 14, 2022

Following his beguiling EP ‘II’ released earlier this year, the new cut sees Future Cavemen blend enigmatic riffs with wonky electronics that tingle with electricity and squirm amidst fuzzy reverb and jangling percussion. “Battle Scars” owes to a range of retro influences whilst simultaneously making a break for the offbeat […]

4 band members in front of an orange wall
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

The Beths “Silence Is Golden”

(Artist Bio) | July 13, 2022

The Beths is a band from Auckland, New Zealand composed of vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth Stokes, guitarist Jonathan Pearce, bassist Benjamin Sinclair, and drummer Tristan Deck. Stokes, Pearce, and Sinclair started playing music together when they were in high school, while Deck met them through the local music scene and joined the […]

band standing outside
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

RiverGhost “Sleeping Giant”

(Artist Bio) | July 11, 2022

“Sleeping Giant” comes in as the fourth single to be released by RiverGhost this year. Keeping things consistent, the band brings rock and roll into the forefront while incorporating all the best elements of rhythm and blues to define their sound. “Sleeping Giant” has familiar warm, twangy guitar tones and […]

man sitting in a chair
Fastracks Ep 53Featured ArtistsRock

Rebounder “Boy Friday”

(Artist Bio) | July 7, 2022

Rebounder is the project of New York City native producer and writer Dylan Chenfeld, with his brother Noah Chenfeld. Joined by Cobey Arner and Zack Kantor. Rebounder has toured with the likes of The Neighbourhood, Dayglow, and Cautious Clay. Rebounder has received praise from NME, DIY, Notion, Culness, and has […]

woman with a gag in her mouth
Fastracks Ep 53Featured ArtistsRock

BEX “Bite My Tongue”

(Artist Bio) | July 7, 2022

Following the release of her successful 2022 debut single, “Tiptoe,” “Bite My Tongue,” BEX teases whispered vocals, edging riffs, and a stomping chorus – an explosive follow-up to say the least. Talking about the meaning behind the track, BEX tells: “Bite My Tongue is written about times I have not […]

band members standing in front of a briock wall
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(Artist Bio) | July 7, 2022

Louisville, KY Heavy Classic Rock band WYLD RYDE has released the official music video for their newest single, “Alone,” the fourth track off of their most recent EP, Gasoline Alley. Shot by Mufaro Matose (CEO of Matose Visuals from Cincinnati, Ohio) in the band’s hometown of Louisville, KY, “Alone” was […]

man standing with hsi arms crossed
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Ewan MacFarlane “Tangled”

(Artist Bio) | July 7, 2022

EWAN MACFARLANE (Apollo 440 / Grim Northern Social) sways back into the spotlight with new single: ‘Tangled’. A feedback-drenched rock ballad to rival the best, the new track swiftly follows recent single ‘All Those Years’ and finds Ewan paving the way towards his eagerly anticipated second solo album,‘MILK’ (confirmed for […]

5 women dancing outside
AlternativeFastracks Ep 52Featured ArtistsRock

POESY “Multiply”

(Artist Bio) | June 23, 2022

New video from Canadian goth pop artist POESY. Entitled “Multiply” the haunting and thrilling song is about facing an all encompassing rage in the dead of pain. The track highlights eerie synths, a swell of syncopated bass lines and theatricality sinister string arrangements. POESY admits: “I swear I didn’t mean […]

3 bandmembers outside
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

The Burma “Sleepers”

(Artist Bio) | June 15, 2022

Indie rock outfit The Burma will be releasing their latest single, ‘Sleepers’ on the 17th of June via The Burma Music. The single follows the release of ‘Don’t Believe Your Dreams’ which went straight to No.1 in the Irish iTunes single charts and entered at No.6 in The Homegrown Top […]

band members standing outside
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

False Heads “Mime the End”

(Artist Bio) | June 1, 2022

With gritty garage-punk riffs, snarling vocals and a barbs of reverb puncturing through its core, “Mime The End” is a vehement slice of metallic might that rails against the cruellest twists life’s rich tapestry can throw at you. As frontman Luke Griffiths says of the new track: “”Mime The End” […]

man laying on a hospital bed
AlternativeFastracks Ep 50Featured ArtistsPop

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps “The Holy Grail of Truth”

(Artist Bio) | May 30, 2022

Hi there once again, I’ve got a new album coming out on May 20th. Here’s the link to the new music video ”The Holy Grail of Truth”: Best, Tom Tikka -Official bio  Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK […]

5 band members
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Huxley “Flesh & Bone”

(Artist Bio) | May 19, 2022

New Jersey based, heavy rock band HUXLEY has released the official music video for their newest single, “Flesh and Bone.” Directed and Edited by Tom Flynn, “Flesh and Bone” showcases the New Jersey rock darlings penchant for passionate vocals backed by superior songwriting and instrumentation. “This is a very personal […]

headshots if band members
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Huxley “Second Chances”

(Artist Bio) | April 27, 2022

New Jersey based, heavy rock band HUXLEY has released the official lyric video for “Second Chances,” With the lyric video created by *Scott Rudd Film, “Second Chances” showcases why they’re Jersey favorites with driving guitars, soaring vocals, and an addictive baseline that reminds listeners that rock is, in fact, no […]

artist rendering of a human skull
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

RiverGhost “End Of The River”

(Artist Bio) | April 26, 2022

RiverGhost has released their third single, “End of the River”. Following their earlier releases, “Darkhorse” and “Fruit On The Vine”, RiverGhost has committed themselves to consistently delivering listeners soulful rock and roll with a twinge of rhythm and blues. “End of the River” capitalizes on the blues element RiverGhost is […]

man wearing cowboy hat
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Cody Jasper “Disco Lemonade”

(Artist Bio) | April 22, 2022

Possessing Texas roots and thick Rock ‘N Roll blood, Cody Jasper is a renowned musical artist and composer whose passions have been raising the music industry bar since 2014. Heavily influenced by music icons Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Waylon Jennings, Cody has a powerhouse […]

band members standing outside
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Native Sons “Drama”

(Artist Bio) | April 21, 2022

Louisville, KY: Building on the success of last year’s debut album released on High-Vol Records, rock group Native Sons has dropped new music. “Drama,” the first single from their forthcoming album “Shadow Head,” is now available on most streaming services with an accompanying video available on Vevo/YouTube. Overcoming numerous challenges, […]

band members standing next to each other
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | April 21, 2022

Plotting a rapid follow-up to their acclaimed 2021 debut album, the track arrives as the first insight of what the band confirm will be their upcoming second full studio release. Whereas much of their debut album, ‘Deathretro’, was thrashed out during the band’s first incarnation almost 15 years ago, “Exit […]

band members next to each other
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

London Plane “Bright Black”

(Artist Bio) | April 20, 2022

NYC-based post-punk / alternative rock collective London Plane present their new single ‘Bright Black’, the title track and first offering to their forthcoming ‘Bright Black’ album, out June 17 via Declared Goods. This is a glimpse of brightness amidst the invasion of darkness, both internal and external, imminent and eventual. […]

band standing next to each other in a red room
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

DYMBUR “Rape Culture”

(Artist Bio) | April 13, 2022

Shillong, India based, Khasi Thraat Folk Metal band DYMBUR has released the official music video for “Rape Culture”. Recorded. Mixed & mastered by founder and guitarist CORNELIUS KHARSYNTIEWat Legato Recording Studio, the video for “Rape Culture” was produced by ANDREAS NATHANIAL WAR and edited by KHARSYNTIEW. “The song ‘Rape Culture’ […]

band sitting on a couch
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Owls & Aliens “These Vices”

(Artist Bio) | April 13, 2022

Klamath Falls, OR – Owls & Aliens Release Their Single “These Vices” with MVK Music Group. “These Vices” is their last single release from their forthcoming album due out this summer! Owls & Aliens bring the hot sauce to rock ‘n roll, taking inspiration from the genre’s most quintessential styles. […]

band members standing next to each other
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Dusty Grant “Oceans”

(Artist Bio) | April 12, 2022

Wichita, KS based, Dark Rock artist DUSTY GRANT has revealed the official music video for the debut single from his newly, fully formed band, “Oceans”! Written and produced by GRANT and JASON CATLETT (with additional production duties as well as recorded and mixed by CHRIS DAWSON) with mastering by MIKE […]

band members sitting on steps
Fastracks Ep 46Featured ArtistsRock

Drop Top Alibi “Dylsong”

(Artist Bio) | April 4, 2022

Toronto, Canada-based hard-rock band, Drop Top Alibi, is best known for their powerful vocal melodies, untamed guitar riffs, and heavy rhythms. Formed in June 2016 by Brandon Gregory and Dylan Wykes, DTA quickly became one of the most high-energy and enthralling rock acts in the city and surrounding area. After […]

woman standing outside
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Cat SFX “Rodeo”

(Artist Bio) | March 31, 2022

Their fifth release on Alan McGee’s tastemaker label It’s Creation Baby, this ain’t their first “Rodeo” by any means. But for those who’ve been following Cat SFX’s evolution to date, their latest is Cat’s most exhilarating and outspoken installment yet. A track that breaks conventions like Bikini Kill, seethes like […]

5 band members standing next to each other
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

RiverGhost “Fruit On The Vine”

(Artist Bio) | March 23, 2022

RiverGhost has released their second single, “Fruit On The Vine”. Following their debut release, “Darkhorse”, RiverGhost has delivered yet another southern rock treat. “Fruit On The Vine” serves a bluesy groove matched with guitar driven grit to help bring a piece of Nashville to listeners everywhere. The band stays true […]

4 band members standing outside
Fastracks Ep 44Featured ArtistsRock

Sevi “Hate You”

(Artist Bio) | March 22, 2022

Bulgarian Heavy Rock Band SEVI has revealed the official music video for their new single, “Hate You”. Mixed and mastered by the legendary KANE CHURKO, “Hate You” was directed by Nikola Koparov, featuring the band performing the brutal auditory gem with incredible, apocalyptic visuals, and is off of the band’s […]

band sitting in the grass
Fastracks Ep 43Featured ArtistsRock

Odyssey 147 “Bluebird”

(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2022

Odyssey 147 (O147) is a Pune-based experimental/alternative rock band named after the small room they practice in, of a certain bungalow no.147. Darryl, Asher, and Nicholas who play the guitar, bass, and drums respectively came together intending to create music that spoke to them. They also involved Neel on guitar […]

man standing with two women
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

VONAMOR “Lucky You”

(Artist Bio) | March 16, 2022

Following the release of their stunning self-titled debut album, Italian postpunk-darkwave-electro trio VONAMOR present their new single ‘Lucky You’ via a new seductive and prophetic video clip, directed by Francesca Bottaro. VONAMOR is made up of sisters Giulia Bottaro, Francesca Bottaro and Luca Guidobaldi, with Francesco Bassoli and Martino Cappelli […]

5 band members sitting outside
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Tracing Paces “No More”

(Artist Bio) | March 7, 2022

Houston, Texas, Tracing Paces release their new single “No More”, delivering a taste of an audio feast inspired by ’70s and ’80s rock. Band members Jason Oquendo- Vocalist, Mateo Maldonado- Guitarist, Will Sadler- Drummer, Alex Booth- Bassist, and Jesse Li- Keyboardist are focused on their goal to create and pursue […]

4 band members in front of a wall
Fastracks Ep 40Featured ArtistsRock

Filligar “At Sea”

(Artist Bio) | February 23, 2022

After a seven year hiatus from studio recording, Filligar returns with their long-awaited and highly anticipated eighth LP entitled Future Self. With this powerful release, the band will not disappoint its loyal and rock loving fans throughout the US, Europe, AMEA, Australia, and Latin America. Mixing its signature “big sound” […]

5 band members with a red light shining on them
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Harmless Habit “Lights Out”

(Artist Bio) | February 23, 2022

Columbus, OH based, Heavy Rock band HARMLESS HABIT has released their new single, “Lights Out”. Recorded at Mixwave with Grammy-nominated producer Taylor Larson, “Lights Out” is the band’s 5th single released since their 2018 sophomore EP, Fronterror. “‘Lights Out’ details the story of a girl trapped in the throes of […]

woman sitting on the floor
RockSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | February 23, 2022

The Kut has released a brand new single ‘SATELLITE’. Emotive, powerful and complete with breathtaking guitarism, the single is the second from the forthcoming sophomore album, due to release this summer on Criminal Records. Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST […]

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Lisle Engle “Experts”

(Artist Bio) | February 16, 2022

Burbank, CA based multi-instrumentalist, sound-designer / supervisor / composer, singer-songwriter, and President of TFK Studios LISLE ENGLE showcases his alt-rock polish with his music video for “Experts,” off of his newest LP, Medicine Man. “Experts” is a timely take on all of the political punditry surrounding the evolving attitudes toward […]

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South of Eden “Lone Riders”

(Artist Bio) | February 15, 2022

Columbus, OH based Rock Band SOUTH OF EDEN follows up their blistering cover of the 1984 B-Side favorite “Drop Dead Legs” with their newest, classic rock gem “Lone Riders”. Directed, Filmed, and Edited by John Payne, the ferocious, guitar driven new single was produced by front-man Ehab Omran and Jakob […]

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Drug Couple “Linda’s Trip”

(Artist Bio) | February 8, 2022

The latest single to emerge from their upcoming ‘Stoned Weekend’ project, it’s a track that finds the Couple’s holiday-for-the-head taking a supernatural side road. Described by the duo as “a song about a couple of teenage bloodsuckers and their tumultuous friendship”, thankfully it’s more of a bitter and twisted yarn […]

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Fortune Child “Slow Down”

(Artist Bio) | February 7, 2022

Jacksonville, FL based Rock band FORTUNE CHILD has released the sophomore single, “Slow Down.”. Showcasing their ’70s rock proficiency, the guitar driven track is off of the band’s upcoming, debut LP, Close to the Sun, which is produced by the legendary Kevin Elson (Journey, Mr. Big, Europe, and Lynyrd Skynyrd). […]

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