Ghost Fan Club “Love Bug”
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Ghost Fan Club “Love Bug”


Florida’s Tyler Costolo first started making music in 2017 under his own name. After a few haphazard folk tracks, he adopted the moniker Two Meters. After two bedroom pop EP’s he began to experiment with heavier and more dissonant sounds for labels like Very Jazzed and Knifepunch Records.

Seeking an outlet to release material on the softer side, he debuted the Ghost Fan Club project in 2020. He released a handful of singles (including “Speak to Me” which became a minor TikTok hit), and the aching ‘Goodbye World, Hello Ghosts’ EP in 2021. Costolo then found himself in flux both personally and creatively, as he made his sonically harsh Metal-inspired return to the Two Meters name in 2022, while slowly working on this upcoming self-titled Ghost Fan Club return EP.

While the July 5th release sees him return to his Slowcore and Bedroom Pop influences, Ghost Fan Club has a new edge and greater urgency (thanks in part to the recruitment of drummer Tom Morris) as he tackles subjects like depression, grief, instability, and lost time.

Artist Quote:

“I wrote these songs during a point of major turmoil in my life. I was mostly drifting along, trying to make peace with so much of my existence being out of my control and time slipping by while I was trying to catch up. I started working on a lot of the songs all the way back in 2021 but wasn’t in a situation where I could comfortably record. I felt desperate to get the tracks finished but was bouncing around unable to find any footing, which I think you can feel in the songs themselves.

I wanted actual drums for the first time in my music making journey which is where Tom Morris came in. I think that addition really makes a difference between these songs and my previous body of work.” – Tyler Costolo (Ghost Fan Club)

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