GONE “Out of Time”
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GONE “Out of Time”

Multi-talented techno producer GONE has released his latest single, ‘Out of Time’ on the 29th of June via Enchanté Records. The single was composed, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by him and follows the release of ‘Control’ as well as his debut EP Sources which gained notable support from COMPLEX, Dazed, Mixmag, Magnetic Magazine, Tonspion, TSUGI, LIBERATION, Kiss FM, and BBC Radio Cardiff’s Sian Eleri. Since the release of the Sources EP, GONE has been signed by the UK tour agents Earth Agency (who are behind artists such as Apparat and Tiga) as well as the French agency Dif Prod (who also have Rone and Chloe on their roster). ‘Control’ was made for a live set performed at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris which gained significant attention.

Born and based in Paris, The French producer has been influenced by the rich music scene of the city. Stunningly complex, GONE’s sound is comparable to the likes of Ben Böhmer, Jan Blomqvist and Stephan Bodzin.

The heart races through an unrelenting storm of rhythm while thunderous basslines crash overhead. GONE’s very own vocals strike white-hot against a backdrop of strobing synths, pulling the listener deeper into a landscape of echoing memory. Like staring up at the night sky, ‘Out Of Time’ perfectly balances light and dark tones to evoke a sense of something greater.

Speaking of the single, Gone tells us: “I recorded the voice during my studio live session and it was raining outside. The meaning of the lyrics is a secret, somewhere between space and a dark love story. Am I out of time?”

-Official bio

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