Hannah Rose Platt “Feeding Time For Monsters”
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Hannah Rose Platt “Feeding Time For Monsters”

HANNAH ROSE PLATT returns with the hauntingly beautiful new single: “Feeding Time For Monsters”. An all-consuming record that will devour your attention whole, the Ed Harcourt-produced track stars on Platt’s upcoming album ‘Deathbed Confessions’, which arrives on 19 May via Xtra Mile Recordings.

“Feeding Time For Monsters” unlocks the haunted house that lies within all of us. A paranormal and psychological thriller to stand your hair on end, it’s a song that sees Hannah face-up to the demons of the past that lie behind every door, while shining a light on those darkest of secrets that define who we are.

Complimenting the song’s ghostly narrative, Hannah has teamed up with esteemed animator William Davies to produce a spooky ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’-style video that needs to be seen to be believed.

Speaking about “Feeding Time For Monsters” and its innovative animated video explains:

“If a house represents the psyche – what would haunt the rooms of our very own haunted houses? I explore a mix of my own ptsd experiences and personal ghosts in this song. Ed and I wanted to create a sense of chaos and dissociation with woozy vocals and thrashing guitars (and the animation by William Davies is just astonishing! Check it out!).” HRP

Luring the listener in with its siren-like vocals, spectral arrangements, and wistful storytelling, “Feeding Time For Monsters” soon opens its jaws to a monstrous climax of noise and emotion that will have listeners unable to tear themselves away. Swiftly following recent single “Dead Man on The G Train”, the two tracks released so far are some of the many standout moments to be discovered on Hannah Rose Platt’s highly anticipated new album…

A singer-songwriter with a penchant for the peculiar and a multi-instrumentalist who relishes a murder-ballad, Hannah Rose Platt will release her upcoming album ‘Deathbed Confessions’ on 19th May 2023. Deriving inspiration from the dark, the depraved, and the eternally damned, ‘Deathbed Confessions’ offers twelve poetic ghost stories that could enchant you into an early grave. A concept album inspired by classic horror, from Rod Serling’s ‘The Twilight Zone’, to the** BBC’s ‘Inside No 9**’, and the balladeer categories of Samuel Peyps’; Platt distils them all into alternative/folk ditties soused in the supernatural, post/rock vignettes of revenges served cold, and poisonous piano ballads potent enough to make the blood curdle.

Speaking about her vision for ‘Deathbed Confessions’, Hannah Rose Platt says:

“I’ve always been fascinated by the variety of emotions ghost stories and horror can evoke. I wanted to create a sonic anthology series of haunting vignettes, and wrote a collection of songs exploring polarised themes of death, love, the afterlife, murder, regret, the uncanny, the kindness of strangers, and the downright bizarre! The characters in the songs are linked as they travel by train to the afterlife, each revisiting key moments, decisions and regrets that subsequently shaped their lives. I hope the listener feels a desire to curl up and be transported back to ‘story-time’!”

Produced and recorded by Ed Harcourt at his Wolf Cabin Studios, the influence of the singular singer-songwriter and producer can be heard coursing through ‘Deathbed Confessions’. Alongside producing duties, Harcourt also performs a myriad of instruments throughout (Pianos, Drums, Baritone Guitars, Optigan, Backing Vocals, Synths, Percussion), as well as appearing for a co-write on ‘Hedy Lamarr’ and co-vocal on the maritime murder ballad “The Mermaid & The Sailor”. Elsewhere, an array of guest players including the Budapest Film Orchestra, Charlie Draper (on Ondes-Martenist) Freddie Draper (electric and double bass), Lester Brown (trumpet), with Gita Langley and Alex Palmer (on strings) all contribute to its unique signature.. Mixed by the highly rated Dave Izumi Lynch, the record was given its glossy finish with mastering by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

A suite of recordings sure to intrigue, disturb, and haunt you for some time after the needle has left the groove, ‘Deathbed Confessions’, Hannah Rose Platt’s magnificent Xtra Mile debut arrives on 19 May 2023.

Supporting punk BERRIES and Tom Jenkins at select shows in 2023, standby for further live appearances from Hannah Rose Platt very soon.

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