Hannah Stow “In The Dark”
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Hannah Stow “In The Dark”


Healing her loneliness, Boorloo/Perth’s Hannah Stow unpacks a dark time through her bold new single ‘In The Dark’ and its music video**, out today**. Having released a huge collection of stunning singles since debuting in 2020, Hannah Stow is announcing her debut EP ‘Sidelined’, which will be released in September.
With her distinct Australian accent, vulnerable lyrics, and emotionally charged voice, Hannah Stow has carved herself an instantly recognisable sound. Marking her first single since January, Hannah channels those deep-seated emotions in this preview of what’s to come in her upcoming EP. 
Now, with ‘In The Dark’, she gives the listener a raw, stripped-back track, letting the warm electric guitar tone and her expressive voice shine. With this minimalism, Hannah delivers a piece filled with emotionally rich lyrics and touching vocal expression to strike a chord in the most stoic heart. Hannah shares:

“I wrote ‘In The Dark’ when I was in a terrible place. It was four chords and a sense of loneliness I thought I’d never shake. Someone close to me came up to me and asked me how I was doing and I said ‘Well I don’t feel so lonely with you in the dark’ and I thought that concept was raw and I knew I had to write about it.”

Paired with this single comes an intimate, off the cuff music video that compliments the authentic nature of the song with its one-on-one vibe and warm colour palette.

With Hannah Stow’s emotionally charged vocal delivery and vulnerable songwriting**,** ‘In The Dark’ will ease the pain ahead of the debut EP ‘Sidelined’.

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